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September 2015

Magic Mike, revisited

I was never one for romcoms. Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional chick flick – believe me, I do. But most of them bore me, because it’s the same old story. Boy meets girl, an obstacle arises, but the in the end they get together and there you have it, happily ever after.

The original Magic Mike was the same. Except that the lead was not your typical cute, funny, rich or very creative and talented guy, but a ripped, hot stripper dude. And instead of tedious work-related scenes, we were treated to some eye-candy in the form of male entertainers doing what they do best.

I have to admit, it was highly entertaining. What hot blooded woman (or gay man) doesn’t want to watch Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello et al. writhe on the floor and show off their impressive physique?

But the love story was lacking, and frankly unnecessary.

And then comes Magic Mike XXL.

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In defense of a misunderstood american pastime

Perhaps the sight of huge men in tights beating eachother within a squared circle doesn’t hold much appeal to a lot of people. Then again, there are others who pay good money to watch these huge, agile blocks of muscle perform numerous maneuvers, often involving the use of chairs, tables, ladders and other makeshift weapons, for the chance to sling a ridiculously large and shiny gold belt over their shoulder and proclaim themselves the champion.

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