Or, how to take a whodunnit and fill it with so many repetitious flashbacks that you don’t even know if you’re watching a show or if it’s an endless case of deja-vu.

Okay, I might be coming down a little hard on ol’ Shonda, but really. We managed to get through 12 entire seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, with so many things happening we almost lost track of who’s dead and who’s still on the show, without a single flashback to remind us of all the tragedies our main cast had to endure. Hell, just remembering all the names of characters and places on Game of Thrones is a challenge, but still we manage to follow the show without getting confused.

Yet, for a single murder case on HTGAWM, we need several flashbacks in each episode? Give your viewers a break, Shonda. Our collective memory can handle a couple of twists without being hammered over the head with the same scene, slightly tweaked, every 5′.

That minor complaint aside, the show is perfectly enjoyable. I binge-watched last season so maybe that’s why the repetition became so tedious (however, I tend to think I would have been able to remember even if I watched the episodes week to week – as intended – with, say, half as many flashbacks). Viola Davis is amazing, as was to be expected. The rest of the cast is pretty damn good as well. No one really stands out, but then again, no one needs to.

Season two started with less of a bang, but it’s building towards a solid arc, judging from the first episode. Let’s hope tonight kicks it into second gear!