If last week’s HTGAWM episode seemed to be heading in the right direction, and Grey’s Anatomy was perfectly fine, Bones’s second episode of the season doesn’t fare as well. Is it possible the show has jumped the shark, or am I just being grumpy?

Episode 2 contained zero surprises, really. Well, maybe one. Let’s take it from the top:

No one expected Booth to die last week. He was wounded, he’s been shot before, he’s a tough guy, he’ll make it.

No one expected Booth to have turned to the dark side, despite the company he was keeping. We all know he’s one of the good ones and having him break bad would be the death of this show.

Did anyone really think Agent Miller was in on it? Or that the hot eye-candy dr. Metzger, who showed up ex machina to help our guys, could be taken at face value? I don’t think so.

And finally, did anyone actually expect a full season to continue without Booth and Brennan at the helm of the operation?

Both last week’s episode and the season premiere were basically a long, dragged-out story to justify their return to the FBI and the Jeffersonian. The one surprise we didn’t see coming (well, I didn’t; I’m a hopeless romantic) was how this would affect Cam and Arastoo.

And frankly, I don’t buy it. I don’t see why returning to the way things were should mean that Arastoo has to go. The Jeffersonian only hires the best and most experienced people, and Arastoo isn’t there yet – and never will, as long as Temperence Brennan is in the mix. Cam has postponed her decision to hire a replacement (conveniently leaving the position empty for Tempe to reclaim), Arastoo has put off popping the question because he thinks she deserves better than an intern. So basically the future of their relationship hangs on a promotion, and as soon as it becomes clear that he won’t be getting the job, they calmly and rationally call it off? I’m sorry, but boo. Give Cam a break, for God’s sake. She’s already lost someone close to her (Jared), and she’s too amazing to be single for so long.

I’m also having a hard time buying the entire premise of this story arc. Why did Booth have to lie to Brennan in order to help his brother? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have her in on it, even if only to know he has back up in case things went south? They could have reached the same conclusion either way, and might have saved Jared’s life and prevented Booth’s injury.

How did having Booth operate in secret help the story? For one thing, lying to Brennan has caused problems before. His gambling addiction almost ended their marriage. But now that his reason for lying was for a good cause, Brennan is understanding and all is forgiven.

And finally, I didn’t find the way the story unfolded very convincing. We spent way too much time trying to figure out who the dead guy was and way too little explaining why Booth was in trouble in the first place. You’d think that a list of operatives (worth a few lives and 2 million dollars to the bad guys looking to sell it) would merit more exposition, as would Agent Miller’s late partner and his girlfriend.

Sigh. I guess now we’re back to our regular Bones programming: a body shows up, the team solves the case. Maybe we’ll get a new story arc spanning the entire season; I hope we do. For me, the best season of this show was back when Zach was revealed as the unlikely apprentice of the Widow’s Son mystery.