Continuing our TGIT recaps, and since I rambled on and on about HTGAWM, I’ll keep Grey’s Anatomy short and sweet.

GreysWhat’s new in our favorite hospital? Oh, the usual drama. This was yet another ‘light’ episode… well, except for the death of a newborn baby. But that’s actually light drama for this show. As with most cases, it wasn’t so much about the baby dying, as it was about the symbolism and moral of the story: doctors get to make the tough choices, that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Meredith learned this exact lesson last week. As much as she’s matured over the years, she can still be a goofball, and it’s fun to watch. She got a much deserved promotion, and to drive the point home, she had all episode to build up the courage to negotiate her contract and demand more money. She got the raise, and earned a ‘well done’ by the Chief. Not bad.

The requisite meltdown in this episode was twofold: first Maggie, then Jo both question their decisions regarding their love lives. Maggie, upset that an ex boyfriend is already getting married, delivers a mostly incoherent speech lamenting her loneliness, only to end up making out at the bar with the new intern, whose name escapes me. Jo, on the other hand, first teases us about a possible pregnancy, then reveals that she’s really just insecure about her place in Karev’s life, given that he wanted to have kids with Izzy but hasn’t broached  the subject with her. Meanwhile, Alex, having proven his worth as a doctor yet again, reassures her and all is well again.

…which is more than I can say about Jackson and April. Boy that marriage quickly devolved into a trainwreck, didn’t it? April has always been a bit of a wildcard, but now she’s almost psychotic in her quest to not let her marriage fall apart. For Jackson, that milestone has come and gone. Threatening to change the locks if she doesn’t move out doesn’t seem to work, so he just packs his things and leaves. I wonder how long it will be before something huge happens to bring them back together.

I’m also curious to see where the Amelia/Hunt storyline will go. I want these two to end up together. Shonda, you took Derek away from us. You owe us that much.