A few minutes into ‘Old Time Rock ‘n Roll‘ we had a pretty good idea the episode was going to be all about sex. We pick up right where we left off last week – with a drunken Maggie taking the hot intern home. This week, she wakes up and has one of the freak outs we’ve grown to expect from her. Can this woman handle anything with poise and calm? As Meredith pointed out later on in the episode, she’s not the first attending to sleep with an intern (cue yet another freak out by Maggie for reminding Meredith of the late Dr. McDreamy).

The sex theme continued as the interns were rushed into the hectic emergency room to prepare for the ‘silver flood’, which they soon realized was a euphemism for ‘busload of old people‘. But don’t you dare call them old to their faces or you’ll hear a mouthful. An old man coded, apparently because he lied about taking viagra when giving the doctors a list of meds he was on. The poor intern who had to inform his son did a really lousy job of it, which earned him a good shove, prompting Hunt to take the opportunity to teach the interns how to break the bad news. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong here?

One of the couples brought into the hospital during the silver flood was an adorable 90 year old guy and the woman he was “shacking up” with, both in need of medical attention. As she goes off to have her CT scan, he tells Arizona all about their love story. Obviously this is going to have an impact on her, as well as Maggie and Meredith, who are doing the CT. As the sweet (and frisky!) Gabby can apparently hear their entire conversation, Meredith reassures Maggie that her inappropriate work sex is nothing to freak out about, which inevitably leads to a conversation about Derek, which leads to Meredith’s confession that she no longer even thinks about sex. She had the fairytale love, and now she has her kids and her career and she’s happy with that. [Naturally, if someone says they’re happy on this show, it has to lead to disaster later, right?] I’m fairly sure none of us want to be subjected to Mer’s excruciating monologue about how “Vagina City is a ghost town, Orgasm train doesn’t roll through here any more”; the old lady definitely disagrees. She’s in her 80s and had two orgasms before getting on that bus. Who didn’t cringe during that entire conversation?

Of course, Maggie is not the only one who freaks out: Arizona and April are both freaking out about Meredith’s dinner party that night, wondering if Callie is bringing her new girlfriend Penny and Jackson will be there, and acting like 15 year olds trying to get the information out of Torres. Like anyone who’s ever said they’re fine when faced with an uncomofrtable situation, Arizona tries to act cool and tells Callie she’s quite alright with her bringing a date to Meredith’s.

Edwards is freaking out too, but at least she has a perfectly valid reason – which actually has something to do with work. Pushed by Amelia to ‘torture’ a patient who just underwent brain surgery, she tells a heartbreaking story about her own experience with a sickle-cell anemia clinical trial, which was horrible even though it was for her own good. She later lies about it when confronted by Wilson, who tattles to Amelia. Quick to believe Jo over Stephanie, Amelia goes to the residents supervisor, Richard Webber, who corroborates Stephanie’s story. In the end, Edwards gets a much deserved apology, after having done a great job with her patient.

The freaking out continues as the adorable 90 year old, Abe, quietly dies as he’s waiting in the corridor for news of Gabby, and Arizona takes it way too hard. As  April walks in on her crying in a supply closet, Arizona sees the positive side to his tragic ending: Abe found love at 85, so even though she and Callie are over, there’s hope yet. April joins in the crying and isn’t quite as optimistic: she’s found her soulmate and she doesn’t want to wait another 60 years.

Maggie has yet another freak-out moment as the hot intern shows up to give Gabby the bad news, as per Dr. Hunt’s instructions. Instead, he gets an earful which mostly consists of incoherent ranting on Maggie’s part (but only after Meredith left the two to discuss things, apparently sick of having to watch her sister act like a teenager). Despite her effort to appear serious and professional next time she finds herself alone with the intern to set the ground rules, they end up tearing each other’s clothes off and no one is surprised.

Meredith is the only one who remains cool and collected throughout the entire episode, giving a speech to the interns about what it means to give the family of the deceased the bad news. Obviously emotional and speaking from personal experience, she explains that they, the doctors, are the faces these families will remember forever, because they gave them the worst news of their lives.

After all the hospital drama, everyone gathers at Meredith’s for the dinner party. When the doorbell rings and it’s Callie and her new girlfriend, Arizona freaks out, but she’s not the one getting the big surprise. As soon as Meredith answers the door, she sees the very face she knows she would never forget: Penny was the doctor who told her Derek had died.

Meredith couldn’t possibly be happy for more than a couple of episodes, could she?