I love how everyone is slowly turning out to be a psychopath on this show.

Bonnie is an expert liar and a wonderful actress, waterworks and all, it seems. Her bullshit little story about Sam trying to rape her so she killed him appears to be working on Asher.

Annalise not only backs Bonnie’s story, but goes all out in a condescending tirade about women’s rights and how white boy (aka Douche Face) couldn’t possibly understand. She also makes a not-so-veiled threat, but the clincher is Bonnie. Poor Asher certainly wouldn’t want  to see her behind bars… or would he?

Meanwhile, the interns are getting restless, so naturally the conversation turns to orgies. Wes receives a text and has to bolt, disrupting the penis balance, but maybe Frank could join in? After all, someone needs to finally give Michaela an orgasm, right?

If the beard’s in, I might reconsider, she says, and boy do I second that motion.

Annalise is all business trying to work on the Caleb & Catherine case and basically locks the interns up in her basement to find something to help them get a testimony thrown out in the myriad of boxes of discovery. Connor holds up a roll of duct tape and cracks a joke about how all they need is a ballgag. Fun times.

Asher hasn’t told the prosecutor anything yet, but he does have questions. Bonnie has no problem keeping up the charade, and poor Asher even thanks her for telling the truth. Aw. I’m starting to feel really sorry for douche-face.

Frank figures out who has been calling and texting Wes, and of course it’s none other than Rebecca’s foster brother Levi. He quickly relays the information to Annalise, who isn’t happy (is she ever?) and grabs Michaela’s phone from her as she’s “talking dirty” to Levi.

In a surprising twist, she meets up with Nate and spills the beans about Nia’s request for what essentially boils down to assisted suicide. I guess coming clean means keeping him on her side – for now?

Cut to: hot sex with Frank in the basement.

Upstairs, the interns have come up with police footage showing the victim (Caleb and Catherine’s aunt) hurling racial slurs at them. Caleb shows up just in time to see it all and hand Michaela a bag of pills to help their case by providing evidence of her drug addiction.

Asher discovers that his father is mainly trying to help him by cutting a deal for himself, and backs out. The prosecutor takes him out for drinks to try and talk him into ‘being a good guy’ and ratting on Annalise.

Connor has Oliver hack into the police server for them and tells him he might actually go to jail, but of course he can’t talk about it. Aw, he says the three magic words! Oliver’s hacking does yield results: the cops might have deleted the video from the server but the audio is still there, and we can clearly hear the victim recant her testimony. That testimony is further hurt by being contradictory to her actual interview by the police a few hours later. However, the judge won’t budge, and the testimony is still admissible in court. Boo.

Wes goes to the cemetery with Levi to confront Bruno, the groundskeeper whose sister Frank had called the night Rebecca disappeared. Things escalate as quickly as they calm down, with Levi producing a gun and Wes ordering him to put it away. They just want answers: what did Frank want? Apparently, he only wanted to use Bruno’s storage locker, so he gave Frank the key.

Back at the house, the interns are freaking out and ganging up on Bonnie because they, too, want answers. Naturally they think she told her boyfriend the truth about Sam. Annalise walks in just in time to defend her by conveniently embellishing Bonnie’s story: Asher was about to tell the prosecutor they all did this together and Bonnie saved their asses. Annalise lays a huge guilt trip on them and I seriously want to punch her in the face.

Wes isn’t too concerned with the guilt trip. He hones in on Frank’s keys, one in particular – again, quite conveniently marked ‘Edie’s storage‘. Before he run off again, Annalise wants to talk to him. About his classes? Meh. Things are fine and dandy at school, and between them, Wes reassures her, and off he goes to meet up with Levi again, stolen key in his possession.

She’s not buying it, of course. She goes to Nate to confront him about whatever side-deal he has going with Wes. He tells her Wes suspects she killed Rebecca, and in return she gives him the same bullshit story about Bonnie killing Sam. He’s not a happy camper: she did everything to protect Bonnie and hung him out to dry.

The interns aren’t happy either: they catch Wes with Levi, and they tell them the whole story about Rebecca and their suspicions. Just then, the police show up, pop Levi’s trunk, discover bags of (planted?) drugs and haul him off to the station. This doesn’t slow down Wes and gang: off they go to the storage unit to find the suitcase Frank had stuffed Rebecca’s body in. Wes flips it open, but – surprise! – there’s no body in there, just a big pile of cash. Looks like Wes is on his own.

In a flashback we find out that Frank was not only onto Wes and led them there to derail their little investigation, but that he was also responsible for planting the drugs and calling the cops on Levi. As if we had any doubt!

Meanwhile, Bonnie turns on the waterworks again to try and convince Asher not to rat her out. They both saw the three magic words, aw. But he wants can’t let her get away with it. Annalise drops by his home to have a chat and to appeal to his emotional side by showing him footage of Bonnie’s childhood: her dad molested her.

In the final scene of this episode, we go back to the flash-forward from the beginning of the episode. Bonnie is involved in whatever happened 3 weeks from now, and there’s blood all over her clothes. I guess we still have to wait a while to find out what happened with Annalise, but right now it looks like everyone is in on it.

Until next week!