When The Blacklist premiered, I thought it had a pretty original premise. Had I known about White Collar before then, I’d be fairly certain it’s a bad copycat.

The idea behind both shows is the same: a criminal helps the FBI catch other criminals. It was done masterfully in movies before, but as a show dealing with a different case each week, it’s quite original.

There are plenty of parallels between the two: one protagonist is a shady criminal, the other strictly a white collar one. Both are helping FBI agents. Both agents are married, and their spouses aren’t just decorative on the shows. Both criminals’ personal lives become plot points.

I wish I’d discovered White Collar sooner, because so far I’m finding it quite enjoyable. Just a few days into my binge-watching of Season 1, it’s gripped my interest, I like the leads, and the cases they tackle are easy enough to follow without being too simplistic.

All in all, a pretty decent show. I’ll definitely keep watching =)