I have two reactions after watching last night’s TWD episode. You’ll have to excuse my french (and the all caps).



I have to admit that when I saw the episode title – “Thank you” – I was naive enough to expect that our group would triumph over the walkers and come on top: Daryl, Sasha and Abraham would keep leading the zombie parade, Rick, Michonne and Glenn would lead the Alexandrians to safety and divert the stray walkers back towards the herd.

But of course nothing goes as planned in The Walking Dead universe, does it? Still, I was not expecting this. I expected a few casualties along the way, Alexandrians who just don’t know how to cope with such situations. Not our favorite pizza delivery boy! They killed off Glenn. We’ve seen plenty of gruesome stuff on this show, and we’ve had our share of sad deaths and gut-wrenching moments, but this one really takes the cake. It was the hardest episode to watch so far, and for once I don’t mean this as a compliment. Even as I was watching it happen, I kept hoping this was all a dream and he’d wake up safe, on the other side of the fence. But, again, nothing miraculous ever happens on TWD. If, however, this is the case, I’ll be forever grateful and will never speak ill of TWD again.

And the cherry on top? Rick, having spent the entire episode running back to the RV, is now stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a herd. I have to assume he’ll get out alive, as he’s the star of the show and all, and two favorite character deaths would be too much even for Kirkman & co, but really?

This episode just pissed me off. The writers and producers had promised to kick things up a notch this season. They also have a penchant for giving our group a glimmer of hope only to have it snatched away violently. They hit the ground running with the action this season, promising more with each episode. They delivered on all counts, but when is enough, enough?

In their effort to make Alexandria their home, in their attempt to train their fellow Alexandrians to survive, they’ve surely made mistakes, but don’t they deserve some reprieve?

Yes, trouble always awaits when they split up. And yes, not leaving the weak behind usually ends up biting them in the ass. And somehow when shit goes down, one of the ‘oursiders’ is to blame – Gabe and his leaving the gate open, Morgan and Aaron and their actions leading the Wolves to Alexandria, and so on.

This time, Morgan is to blame for almost getting Rick killed, by allowing those Wolves to escape only to ambush him in the RV. And of course Nicholas, a changed man in recent episodes, just couldn’t cut it. His despair made him pull the trigger, but in his trying to thank Glenn, he got him killed. And Heath kept antagonizing Michonne about not leaving their people behind; in her effort to save everyone, she almost got herself killed. Now that Heath has his friend’s blood all over him, maybe he’ll learn to trust our group. [How cool was Michonne’s speech?]

And, as much as I hate to admit this, Rick’s decisions at the beginning of the episode just made no sense. He’s as much responsible for Glenn’s death as Nicholas. He did this for everyone, not just our group, and this is where it got him.

I didn’t like our group’s chances out in the wild before, but in light of recent events, I think they were better off before Alexandria. And as much as I love Morgan, his zen-master ethics have almost gotten everyone killed twice now.

If Rick makes it back in one piece and decides that it’s time for no more Mr. Nice Guy, I’m taking over, I’ll be right behind him, with bells on. I do worry about his hand though…


R.I.P., Glenn. You were our moral compass, always kind, always with a good head on your shoulders. I’m dreading to see if this is finally the one death that pushes poor Maggie over the edge. You’ll be sorely missed.

By the way, Glenn wasn’t a guest on Talking Dead, as is usually the case when someone dies on the show. I don’t think I could go as fas as saying there’s hope for his survival, but Scott M. Gimple’s message that we’ll get to see Glenn, or parts of him (I shudder at that thought) in coming episodes, either in a flashback or in the present time, is somewhat comforting. We need closure, dammit!