It’s a Bones Halloween episode!  [Man I wish we celebrated Halloween here!]

Complete with brain-jello pranks, demon eyes and a headless corpse in an 18th century costume uniform. Okay, so the dead body wasn’t exactly going to a costume party. And there’s witchcraft! The second body is a medical student was dabbling in witchcraft, as evidenced by the old book of spells found in her locker.

Lucky for our team at the Jeffersonian, they’ll have some extra hands on deck to solve this murder: an FBI Agent, and a weirdo from a historical society named Ichabod Crane.

I knew the name sounded familiar, and apparently it was intentional. This episode was the setup for a Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover episode, and suddenly I lost all interest.

Not cool, Bones. The show keeps turning more and more cartoonish, and resembles the tone of the book series less and less. This episode bored me to tears.