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October 2015

The Great British Bake Off Masterclasses

I’ve been waiting for the masterclasses all season long, and as always, they didn’t disappoint. Plenty of delicious recipes and handy tips were dispensed by Paul and Mary once again, as they tackled the challenges they set for the bakers during the competition.

Let’s take a closer look at all we learned so far:

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Grey’s Anatomy: most awkward dinner party ever?

I guess we’re done with the more cheerful episodes now? Five whole episodes, must be some kind of Shondaland record!

Guess who’s coming to dinner picks up right where we left off last week: Callie and her new girlfriend Penny arrive at Meredith’s, she answers the door… and it’s a shock to the system.

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HTGAWM: Meet Bonnie

I love how everyone is slowly turning out to be a psychopath on this show.

Bonnie is an expert liar and a wonderful actress, waterworks and all, it seems. Her bullshit little story about Sam trying to rape her so she killed him appears to be working on Asher.

Annalise not only backs Bonnie’s story, but goes all out in a condescending tirade about women’s rights and how white boy (aka Douche Face) couldn’t possibly understand. She also makes a not-so-veiled threat, but the clincher is Bonnie. Poor Asher certainly wouldn’t want  to see her behind bars… or would he?

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Bones: the Carpals in the Coy-Wolves

Is it just me or does the alliteration motif in the episode titles seem a little forced as of late? Not that I blame them, really – it’s been eleven seasons!

Anyhoo, another day, another gruesome murder for our team to investigate. It’s also the day Brennan decides to kill off a beloved character in her new book: Agent Andy, based on Booth, is shot through the chest. Booth’s not taking it very well, and doesn’t seem like he’s going to let it go any time soon regardless of how much Brennan keeps reassuring him, in her usual ever-rational manner. Agent Aubrey’s teasing isn’t much help, either.

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New Shows: Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Apparently bigshot TV lawyers aren’t the only ones leaving the big life to move to an unlikely location this season: actual lawyers are moving all the way from NYC to West Covina, California, approx. 2 hours from the beach (4 if there’s traffic).

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New Shows: Scream Queens

This doesn’t even need a preamble: this is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s a show about awful sorority girls and a group of misfits who pledge the elitist KKT, where a series of murders occur and the person responsible is wearing a red devil costume and prefers to text his victims about his intention to kill them.

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New Shows: The Grinder

John Stamos is not the only 80’s teen heartthrob making a comeback as the lead in a Fox half-hour comedy this year: Rob Lowe is joining him, as a TV star who just finished his final season as a kick-ass attorney in the titular show The Grinder.

In the pilot we see Dean Sanderson return to his family home in Idaho to ‘find himself’ after a successful 8 year run as a fictional lawyer. His actual lawyer brother Stewart isn’t exactly taking it very well, despite the rest of the family – including patriarch Dean Sr., also a lawyer – being completely enamored with him.

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The Walking Dead: JSS

Episode 2 of season 6 opened with yet another flashback: we got to see how Enid ended up in Alexandria, although how exactly her parents got eaten by the Walkers and she managed to escape was left unclear. It was an interesting choice, to focus on the back story of one of the side characters. I could have done without the awful tortoise-eating scene, but then again our group shot and cooked dogs last season, so it wasn’t even in the top 10 most disgusting things we’ve seen on the show. We saw Enid go into survival mode, quickly adapting to her new, horrible circumstances, and always with one thing in mind: JSS.

Roll the titles.

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The Leftovers: Off Ramp

The opening scene takes us back to …Mapleton? Under the soundtrack of a very stress-inducing drum solo, we see a montage of Laurie washing a car, sitting at a coffee shop, typing away furiously on a laptop, preparing a room for what we later see is some kind of departure-related support group (meeting in the same office building as other departure-related services), emptying several packs of nicorette gum into a big glass bowl (which she also chews, and I must admit it’s a nice change from the constant chain-smoking). Tom is now clad in white, apparently a Guilty Remnant himself; Laurie is dressed in regular clothes, as is everyone else at the meeting. Tom brings in Suzan, who is obviously upset about something, and Laurie welcomes her to the safe place, for once not via notebad scrawls, but by actually speaking to her.

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