Now that we’re all caught up with what’s going on , let’s see what’s going on with our favorite adulterers:

Part I: Alison

Alison is still at the cabin in Hudson Valley, filling her days with workload as Yvonne’s new assistant. Remember how I thought Yvonne & Robert were the normal ones in the show? Well, it only took a few episodes (and an incident where a dog was almost shot), but I guess I’ll have to retract that statement. Apparently they, too, got together by having an affair. Not only that, but Yvonne happened to be his first wife’s friend, which is even creepier.

I guess the whole ‘takes one to know one’ adage is true, because Robert cleverly deduced that the romantic story Noah and Alison spun about how they met left a lot of pertinent information out; namely, their two spouses. Alison seems uneasy, but Robert is quick to comfort her about the affair: there’s nothing to be ashamed about (really?), it will all work out for you two.

And if Robert seems like he’s the nicer of the two, Yvonne is definitely the bitchy one. She is almost rude to Alison, she shows no joy about her daughter’s upcoming visit…. and she made her husband kills his dog last time we saw her. I’m sorry, I just can’t let this one go.

Alison is actually likable as she narrates the real story to Robert. She opens up to him about how she felt, what exerted that pull toward Noah that she was unable to resist. And whaddaya know, typical man just had to get horny and ruin the moment.

Alison also seems rather annoyed by doing assistant chores, including being the server at Yvonne and Robert’s lunch with their daughter, son-in-law and grandson. I’d perceive this as off, given that she was actually a waitress for years, but then again Yvonne is a horrible boss person.

Not to worry, though: it only took a couple of chores and a meal for Yvonne to suddenly realize she wanted nothing to do with Alison any more. A new guy will be showing up, someone she could mentor if he were her assistant, and Robert’s physical therapist is coming back, so she won’t have to help him with his leg exercises. Robert is the one to break the news: don’t show up at the house any more, dear. Yvonne wants someone more… professional (or maybe she just read Noah’s book, figured out Alison is a homewrecker and doesn’t want her around her husband). The only one actually surprised by this is Alison.

And it looks like she can’t leave well enough alone. Immediately after being told not to go to the house any more, she does just that. She goes looking for Yvonne to try and clear the air but finds Noah’s manuscript instead, and can’t help taking a peek.

The next scene is as powerful as we’ve ever seen on The Affair: Ruth Wilson’s beautiful green eyes skim over the manuscript; Noah’s voice is reading excerpts of the book, starting out innocent and then turning pornographic. Just a few hours ago she had been describing to Robert how it had felt when Noah pulled her out of that ‘fog of grief’ she had been under for years, and she finally felt happy. Now she was being described as sex on legs, impossible to resist even if your marriage is solid. No wonder Yvonne didn’t want her around any more.

The juxtaposition isn’t lost on us here: she was drawn to him out of depth of feeling; he was addicted to her because of the spectacular sex.

Her reaction is quite predictable: she knocks a few books off Yvonne’s shelf, leaves Noah an angry voicemail and goes home to pack a bag and head to NYC.

She goes looking for Noah, but finds Helen instead (of course. It’s Helen’s house). Alison tries to explain that she was never out to steal Noah from her, that it just happened, and that she’s sorry. Helen gives her a mouthful about the ‘wonderful’ man she happens to be involved with. As soon as he feels comfortable to show his true self, she will become the enemy just because she knows who he is. And I guess that pretty much sums it up for both of them.

On the long train ride to Montauk, Alison takes the engagement ring off.


Part II: Cole

Cole is now part-time cabbie, part time gigolo? Nope, he’s just screwing the awful, loud woman he had given a cab ride to the other night. Whatever it is, clearly it’s not working out. As they’re having sex, her husband barges in, punches him in the face and kicks him out. Yep, sounds about right. Needless to say, the cute babysitter was not impressed.

Meanwhile, Scott seems to be dabbling in real estate, trying to put Cole’s house on the market. He’s found an investor to try and open a nightclub, so he wants Cole to convince Alison to sell the house and then invest his share in his brother’s venture. The babysitter is not impressed by Scotty, either – his drug dealing, anyway; she seems fine with his sex skills.

Cole takes her to The End and stays for a drink several drinks. He makes a point out of making sure she knows he’s not like his brother. They start swapping life stories but she makes a dumb joke about his son and, well, let’s just say Cole doesn’t really have a sense of humor about that (and who can blame him?). Luisa actually seems nice so far.

When Cole returns home, he sees the lights on, grabs a crowbar and goes upstairs… only to discover Alison asleep in their bed. Well this is new. She wants a drink, he offers her moonshine. She doesn’t really need to booze to start blabbering though.

Okay, you know how she actually seemed likeable in the first half of the episode? Yeah, scratch that. She actually goes to her husband – the husband she left, who still wants her back – to whine about how people don’t really see her, think she’s a slut and just want to screw her. He’s the one person who actually loves her, and she tells him that she doesn’t matter to people. Once again, all she does is lay this shit on him, with complete disregard for Cole’s feelings. I’d just kick her out if I were Cole. Instead, she asks him to stay, and of course he obliges and holds her, kisses her, ends up making love to her.

As he sits outside on the porch, Scotty shows up and thinks Cole is sleeping with Luisa. Things look like they’re about to escalate when Alison comes out.

In a flash-forward, At the diner, Noah’s lawyer and the detective are having a chat. The lawyer’s trying to shift the prosecutor’s focus from Noah onto Cole, who – like half the town – had reason to want Scotty dead. Alison’s former boss, now wearing a ‘Lockhart’s’ polo and clearly not the boss any more, is interested in Noah’s case. Right before the end credits roll, he gives the lawyer a clue.

As to what that might be, we’ll just have to wait until next week!