Not a lot of action this week, nor a lot of answers, but we got two of the most disgusting walkers so far, we have (surprise!) a baby on the way and a few Alexandrians actually rise to the occasion, leaving the large majority in fear and eager to follow their baser instincts. I shudder to think how fast these guys would have gone down out there, had it not been for Reggie’s walls giving them shelter.

Does it make me a bad person to be somewhat maliciously gleeful at seeing the Alexandrians tremble with fear? If there were still a class system in this post-apocalyptic world, then this group of people would be the privileged 1%. While everyone else has been out there these last couple of years scavenging and fighting tooth and nail to stay alive, they’ve had their beautiful 8 million dollar homes and pantry full of food, living in oblivion of what goes on beyond the wall. Do most of these people even contribute to the community? Aside from the construction crew, they basically just sit around all day doing nothing, it seems. That was certainly the case of new scaredy-cat doctor Denise, who would much rather go back to her place and read War & Peace. If not for Tara’s prodding (and charms!), chances are she’d still be sulking on the infirmary floor; thanks to her new-found bravery, she probably saved her patient’s life. Still, does it take hours poring over Gray’s Anatomy to figure out that it would probably be a good idea to try and relieve the poor guy’s infection? Surely after graduating med school she should know how to do that.

Out of all the Alexandrians, especially the douchebag cowards who want to practically raid the pantry, the only brave souls standing out are Spencer, Jessie and possibly reformed Ron. Spencer makes an impressive speech at the pantry… and then turns around, raids the alcohol shelf and proceeds to get gloriously drunk in the comfort of his own home. I’m not discounting him yet though – like his brother, who did finally find the guts to come clean, he must have inherited some of Reggie and Deanna’s wit and/or courage. After all, he scored a big win when he got the truck driver during the Wolf attack.

Speaking of Deanna, I quickly grew sick of seeing her skulk around displaying zero leadership skills. Where’s the brave, hopeful woman who led this community for so long? She spent most of the episode being a ghost of her former self; the only sign of animation on her face was displayed during her son’s speech at the pantry. That was all it took to breathe new life into the Alexandria leader: she starts making plans again, to make the community sustainable and self-sufficient, and scolds her son for doing the exact same thing he accused those cowards of.

Spencer speech to Deanna may have been harsh, but it hit a chord with her, too. In his drunken stupor, he blames her for everything that’s happened. She’s the one who sheltered everyone from reality; they were unprepared because of her. On her way to return the stolen goods to the pantry, one of the missing Wolves-turned-walker attacks her. She grabs a broken bottle and goes to town, but it takes a blow from Rick to finish him off. The sight of her all bloody and with a renewed spark in her eyes is almost as powerful as her words to Rick: they don’t need me to lead them, they need you.

Finally, someone gets it. Jessie does too. Not only did she decimate the she-Wolf during the attack, but goes out to the field to bury her, too. When fellow Alexandrian Betsy slit her wrists and turned in her own home, Jessie puts her out of her misery, in what must have been the most gentle knife-to-the-eye we’ve seen on this show so far, and tells stunned onlookers what they need to hear.

This is what life looks like now. If we don’t fight, we die.

Our group’s been saying that from day one, but I guess they needed to hear it from one of their own.

She even bakes cookies for Sam! One thing that bugs me though: why would a hairdresser give her son the most awful haircut in all of the apocalypse? If Carl’s Playmobil-look is bad, then poor Sam’s is even worse. Rick, of course, doesn’t seem to give a damn about her hair-styling skills: now that they’re both on the same page, he goes in for the kiss, and she reciprocates. It’s probably the best response he could possibly have to her “there must be more” comment. Sure there is: kissing Rick is what it’s all about, baby.

I wish things looked this hopeful for our other favorite couples. Rosita can’t hold back her tears as she stands watch on top of the wall, hoping Abraham will return. Glenn and Nicholas’ names both go on the wall of those lost, and Maggie – naturally – prepares to go out and look for her husband. Aaron joins her, promising a safer way out of town: through a sewer tunnel, thus giving us two of the most gruesome walkers we’ve come across. Nicotero keeps setting the bar higher and higher, and no one’s complaining! When they reach the gate at the end of the tunnel, it’s still too risky to venture out. Aaron wants to go for it, but Maggie holds back. She can’t just think of herself any more: she’s pregnant. This is just heartbreaking. I don’t know what’s worse, her wondering when or if Glenn will return, or us knowing what happened to him out there and watching her hope in vain.

Do we actually know what happened out there? Gimple promised some resolution; is Maggie’s pregnancy the ‘piece of Glenn’ we were promised?

And that’s not the only question left unanswered:

For one, what happened to the Wolf in Morgan’s basement? Is he still there being starved to death or rehabilitated, whatever Morgan’s plans for him are?

More importantly, where are Daryl and co? They didn’t seem to be in trouble when we left them 2 weeks ago, but you never know.

How the hell did Rick escape the zombie herd and make it all the way back to Alexandria? I feel robbed, not having seen his escape. We spent almost an entire episode watching him run by himself, but this we don’t get to see? Not cool, TWD.

Is Enid still alive?

What the hell was that slap-fight between Carl and Ron? They hardly even touched each other! Carl, I expected more from you.

And the one that bugs me the most: Aaron admitted to everyone that he was partly to blame for the Wolf attack: he’s the one who fell for the trap at the canning plant, he’s the one who lost his backpack, it’s his photos of the town that led the Wolves to their doorstep. He feels guilty for the deaths he indirectly caused, and tries to make up for it by helping out Maggie.

But what of Morgan? He’s more to blame than Aaron is, and yet we see him in the background during Aaron’s speech, acting like he had no hand in this. Add to that the fact that his ‘code’ made him not only spare Wolf’s life but also keep him as a pet in his basement, making him a liability to everyone else, and I’m really not liking Morgan at the moment.

Hopefully our questions will be answered next week…in the preview we see Daryl, so that’s definitely promising!