A random thoughts on last week’s HTGAWM, Bones and Grey’s Anatomy.

How To Get Away With Murder: Hi, I’m Philip


One by one, the people Annalise cares about not only wish her dead, but actually tell her so. First Bonnie in last week’s episode, now Nate. And then he turns around and helps Annalise, and by the end of the episode he’s all up in her business. Why is it that none of the characters can stay consistent?

  • Take Frank, for instance: he’s the one who does all the dirty work but one simple task, like rushing DNA results, and suddenly he can’t deliver except by offering a hefty bribe? [Aw, Frank, you’re slipping. If you didn’t look so hot in a tank top AND apron, I’d be terribly disappointed in you.] This entire plea deal storyline was useless – just a way to delay the story long enough to stretch TV time to suit the number of episodes required until the big reveal in the season finale. Also, Since when is revealing that a DA planned a bug in order to eavedrop on privileged conversations not reason enough to get said DA disbarred and the case in question dismissed?
  • Hot Nate shirtless > Frank in a tank? Maybe, but at least Laurel is a sexy, beautiful young woman, and Annalise isn’t. The odd coupling just takes away from the rippling muscle effect.
  • Everyone’s having sex in this episode (except poor, dumped DoucheFace). Michaela lands hottie Caleb while Catherine seems to take a liking to Wes. How convenient.
  • The twist at the end feels even more of a cop-out than Sinclair still being able to practice law. It seems like the writers are determined to exhaust every possible combination scenario until they find the one that sticks: this time it’s the Catherine/Philip connection. Speaking of, could Philip be any creepier? Is that why incest is frowned upon, that the product of such relationships is the weirdo no one wants to be around?


Bones: The Promise in the Palace

  • bonesOf course the case of the week revolves around magic when Booth and Brennan are tackling the Tooth Fairy dilemma, and naturally by the end of the episode we see Brennan compromise her irrefutable logic by conceding to tradition.
  • And of course we get the cliche “magic saw me through a tough time in middle school” by this week’s nerdy intern. That would have been okay had the coin trick performed by Dr Edison been so elementary that a five year old, let alone Dr. Brennan, could have easily seen through it. The second one was cool, but nothing the omniscient smug genius can’t figure out.
  • The flat earth society / tooth fairy analogy must be the weakest argument to support ruining a kid’s day, ever. What will compare Santa Claus to when Christmas rolls around?
  • This plotline seems like such a missed opportunity. All it would have taken was a guest appearance by Penn & Teller to elevate the episode to epic levels. Brennan would have loved their debunking-magic-shtick and it would have been entertaining (and probably hilarious).


Grey’s Anatomy: Something Against You

GREY'S ANATOMY - "Song Beneath the Song" - In a series first, the music that has been at the heart of the show and been beloved by fans comes to life for Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event. A cataclysmic event rattles the doctors of Seattle Grace to the core, as Callie, on the verge of an enormous life-changing moment with Arizona, envisions her hospital and friends as it has never-been-seen before. "Chasing Cars" (Snow Patrol), "How to Save a Life" (The Fray) and "The Story" (Brandi Carlile) are among the songs performed by the cast in one of the most special hours of "Greys Anatomy" yet, THURSDAY, MARCH 31 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/DANNY FELD) ELLEN POMPEOI guess I’m the Goldilocks of Grey’s Anatomy: I complain when there’s too much drama and I complain again when there isn’t. This was a fairly boring normal episode by Grey’s standards: no one died, no one got divorced, and aside from Hunt’s little episode, no one even freaked out all that much.

  • Wait, it took us 12 seasons for the concept of the DocKnocker to be introduced? You’re clutching at straws, Shonda. Just stick with what you know, it seems to have worked so far.
  • I still don’t like Penny. The way she talks just makes me want to hurl stuff at the TV.
  • Last week I suspected we had not seen the last of the mysterious Aussie Kiwi Nathan, and my suspicions were confirmed. So far it all makes perfect sense: Nathan did something that makes Hunt go berserk whenever he sees him, much like Meredith’s reaction to Penny. Meredith is trying to be the bigger person here, while Hunt has always been a bit off his rocker so his freak out wasn’t unexpected. Mer’s “Do we hate him?” moment was cool though.
  • Btw, did anyone else notice that Meredith and Amelia have the same hairdo in the final scenes? #Sisters4eva!
  • The white privilege theme, tied in with the overarching notion of bias throughout the episode, was a bit of a stretch, if only because this is clearly one of the most non-racist shows on television. Were we meant to feel white guilt or african-american vindication? Either way, I’m not the one who has to deal with this on a daily basis, so maybe it just went over my head.
  • Or maybe it’s just Shonda beating us over the head with her I-Am-(Black)Woman-Hear-Me-Roar agenda. I’d appreciate the effort more if she wasn’t a bitch who not only won’t hesitate to kill off a beloved character because she dislikes the actor, but also freely admits to it. Something’s rotten in Shondaland.