Well, this was unexpected. From the moment the episode started, with Kevin handcuffed to the bed and Nora nowhere to be found, to the tragic (and bizarre) ending, this episode may have well been the best one yet.

I, for one, didn’t expect Nora to just up and go like that. Clearly hearing your quasi-husband tell you he’s been having lengthy conversations with the cult leader who offed herself in front of him is enough to rattle even the toughest of women, but it’s not like Nora hasn’t had her share of crazy in the past. He’s suffering, and instead of sticking by him she just takes off, leaving Jill behind to deal with a father who’s losing his mind, and who might soon be named as a suspect in Evie’s disappearance, thanks to his ‘volunteering‘ his palm print at the fire station. Not cool, Nora.

Meanwhile, formerly-crazy, currently less so, Laurie obviously feels that a mere phonecall to ask about Tom isn’t enough, and decides to pay Miracle/Jarden a visit and see for herself. Why on earth she would assume Tom is with Kevin bewilders me almost as much as it does Kevin. With Nora (temporarily) out of the picture, and Jill furious at him for pushing her away, Laurie pretty much presents herself to Kevin as a golden opportunity to help him deal with the ghost of Patti. She’s a shrink, after all – and she knows Patti better than anyone. Unfortunately, Jill didn’t see this as a very happy occurrence. She wants nothing to do with her mother, and rightly so.

Laurie unsurprisingly diagnoses Kevin with psychotic symptoms, much like his father had been. Luckily for him, there are other people nearby willing to provide him with answers, albeit slightly unconventional. It puzzles me that a devout Christian such as Michael would support his grandfather’s bizarre… ideas, seeing as – with the exception of the cross hanging from his wall – there’s nothing Christian about his methods. All the same, Kevin is a desperate man. He tells Laurie to make herself at home (and supposedly look after Jill if Kevin loses the battle) and off he goes to the cabin in the woods.

All the ‘battling your adversary’ mumbo-jumbo ventures too much into bizarro-world for my taste, but it’s fascinating none the less. Grandpa Murphy had been a bit of a bastard, which got him shot by his own son. But going over to the other side gave him the chance to battle his adversary and come back a changed man. Now he’s helping others fight their own demons, which is what I interpret this as. That crazy guy on the pillar is a shining example of gramps’ handiwork.

Okay, that would have had me running faster than the jarful of poison and epinephrine injection, but again, Kevin is a desperate man. Obviously grandpa Murphy isn’t the most trustworthy person in the world, but I still shuddered when he shot the epinephrine onto the floor and shot himself in the face. What the f*ck, gramps?

There are a lot of directions this could go from here, outside the obvious (Kevin dies), and I’m intrigued to see what happens next. What was Michael’s role in all of this? He didn’t seem to pay much attention to his grandpa’s brains all over the wall; where is he dragging Kevin off to? Is John somehow involved in this? The results of the palm print comparison could have easily come back during this time, pointing towards him as the culprit. What about Patti? Does she cease to exist once Kevin dies? Ann Dowd, by the way, was just phenomenal in this episode once again. Although I hope Patti makes her exit (for Kevin’s sake, if he lives), I’ll be sad to see her go; she really came into her own in the show once she died and started speaking.

Season 2 has been pretty amazing so far – definitely better than the first one in my book. Hopefully everything will come together in the next 2 episodes and we’ll get some much needed answers.