Holy crap was this episode unreal! Literally.

I couldn’t possibly recap this one better than Vulture, but I do need to take a moment to comment on how gorgeous Justin Theroux is, both butt-naked and in a fitted suit, especially when he’s bathed in light in that hotel room and we get to appreciate his lovely eyes. Swoon.

Anyway. Looks like it’s bye-bye Patti, and Kevin is back from the dead. I still have no idea what is up with all the water references, but the scene at the well was a very eerie reminder of the cave-woman in the first episode of the season.

Only a couple of episodes to go until the season finale, and boy do we have a lot of questions. Here’s hoping for some answers – but you know what? If the remaining episodes are as captivating – and heartbreaking – as this one, I won’t mind if not all my questions are answered. Not one bit.