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January 2016

Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl, Interrupted

I have professed my admiration for comedian Louis CK here before. His seemingly effortless style of observation, self-deprecation and – more significantly – personal experience comedy resonates with me in a way some of the widely accepted all-time greats never have.

So when Louie describes a fellow comic’s stand-up as ‘masterful’, I feel like I should really sit up and take notice.

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The Top Chef top10 celebrate Ten Years of TC (how’s that for a tongue twister?)

We’re down to the top 10 this week, and after a few weeks of “TC Roadshow” our chefs are headed back to Los Angeles to cook in the Top Chef kitchen once again. Everyone’s upset about Wesley’s elimination and Karen is over the moon about her win, but it’s a new day, which means new – harder – challenges are up ahead.

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One of the great things about the growing popularity of culinary programs and celebrity chefs on TV in recent years is the fact that food-related content has now made the jump onto the big screen. For those of us who enjoy cooking (and baking) and for all the self-described ‘foodies‘ (although I secretly loathe the term) out there, few guilty pleasures are more satisfactory than watching a movie where the protagonist is a chef or aspiring cook and all the food porn is almost a main character.

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Top Chef Ep.#6: San Diego, Beer and Bannannaise

This episode bored me and I didn’t even feel like recapping it, but my OCD won’t let me skip an episode. Neither the challenges nor the actual food prepared was actually exciting (to me), but let’s take it from the top.

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What If?

Confession time: I haven’t read the Harry Potter books, nor have I seen the movies.

Wait, that’s not entirely accurate: I saw the very first one when it came out, during a trip to Amsterdam. We had just been to a coffeeshop, it started raining, and it was the only movie showing at the multiplex that we hadn’t already seen, so we decided it might be fun to try and learn some basic dutch by reading the subtitles. Needless to say, all I remember from that experience was laughing my butt off.

All this is by way of saying that I’ve never been a huge fan of Daniel Radcliffe. I was never too fond of Zoe Kazan either, for no good reason other than I haven’t really seen her in a major role. I’ve always thought that she looks like the girl directors would cast as the lead’s quirky friend, not the lead herself.

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Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

It’s been almost 2 years since the last Sherlock episode, and ‘The Abominable Bride’ unfortunately doesn’t mark the beginning of the new season, but, rather, a one-off special to tide us over until season 4.

Maybe it’s the incredibly long wait, or maybe it’s the fact that just one special episode isn’t nearly enough, but for whatever reason and despite my eager anticipation for some new Cumberbatch & Freeman adventures, I just found The Abominable Bride to be largely underwhelming.

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Room / The Overnight

Since so many of the shows I regularly watch are on hiatus these days, I’ve been watching a crapload of movies – some of them good, most of them bad.

Today’s double feature special visits two opposite sides of the spectrum; on one hand, a drama that’s definitely not your average, run-of-the-mill family story. On the other, a silly ‘comedy’ which wasn’t really funny but still mindless, enjoyable fun.

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Shamelessly addictive

Meet the Gallaghers, the TV family that brings new meaning to the word ‘dysfunctional’ (also, to the phrase ‘white trash’, if you want to be mean about it):

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A Big Fat Gay Top Chef Wedding

Another week, another Top Chef adventure; this time the chefs are off to the ‘Date capital of the US’, where they pick up three large baskets of dates, each one containing a different variety (Zahidi, Medjool and Deglet Noor), and damned if I knew these existed. Dates are dates to me. Sticky, sweet, and that’s about it.

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