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March 2016

TWD: East

I’m not sure how I feel about this week’s episode. On the one hand, it was a perfectly adequate way to build up tension and act as a segue to next week’s supersized finale. On the other, everything leading up to each character’s actions in East could have easily been avoided, had they made the right decision, and this motif becomes more frustrating with each episode.

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TWD: Twice as far

I think I belong in the minority that actually loved this episode, despite its shortcomings. Although decidedly slower than we’ve been used to lately, it lacked neither action nor character development, and had a couple of interesting twists to boot.

I think I appreciate it even more because comic book fans were left in the dark this week as much as we were, both in terms of this new Carol development and Denise being the one receiving the fateful arrow to the head.

So much to talk about so let’s get to it:

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TWD: The Same Boat

A bit late to the party, but real life tends to get in the way sometimes… And seeing as I only have time to telegraph a few thoughts on last Sunday’s episode, here goes:

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TWD: Faster, Rick, Kill, Kill, Kill!

Looks like TWD really isn’t pulling any punches this season, and I’m definitely excited to see what’s coming next. The show has picked up the pace since the mid-season premiere and we haven’t had a dud yet… hopefully they won’t break the streak until the season finale (knock on wood)!

Even though the opening scene suggested we might get a filler episode this week, it was anything but. As soon as that RV full of supplies rolled in, we were in for an awesome ride. We even switched genres this week – from a dystopian horror/drama to a full-on action sequence, with plenty of character development thrown in, Not Tomorrow Yet was yet another stellar episode.

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About this Negan guy…

A little side note on the whole “let’s attack Negan” thing, because it’s been bugging me all week trying to predict how it will all play out.

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TWD Knots Untie: I freakin’ Love Jesus

Episode 3 of the second half of Season 6 may have gotten off to a slow start, especially after a very mellow Episode 2, but what little action we got was more than enough to make it a stand out.

For one thing, we got to see more of Jesus, who’s turning out to be one of the most engaging characters on the show. Seriously, how cool is this guy? If there’s one gripe I can come up with, it’s the fact that every time I say something positive about him, I sound like a freaking Bible thumper.

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