A bit late to the party, but real life tends to get in the way sometimes… And seeing as I only have time to telegraph a few thoughts on last Sunday’s episode, here goes:

  • Loved the ‘girl power’ episode. Although slower than we’ve had since the mid-season premiere, it wasn’t boring and did a lot for character development and setting up what’s to follow
  • The Paula character was one of the most fascinating we’ve had on the show recently. Although she obviously had to be killed before the episode ended, I was sad to see her go.
  • It was interesting to see what was, essentially, our heroes’ alter egos. Had Maggie and Carol been recruited by Negan instead of teaming up with Rick, chances are they would have been much like Paula and Chell.
  • The further along we’re getting into the Negan story arc, the more we blur the lines between hero and villain. You are not the good guys here, Chell said, and although not entirely accurate, it was probably on Carol’s mind when she hesitated to shoot Paula.
  • That chain-smoking lady could have easily been played by The Leftovers’ Patti.
  • Both Alicia Witt and Melissa McBride were amazing this week, but I’m still on the fence about the Carol character. I was never a huge fan of the ruthless, too-pragmatic, queen of deception & disguise badass Carol, but going into Morgan mode in a kill-or-be-killed situation was too abrupt a shift for me to swallow.
  • Same goes for Maggie’s sudden brutality, although I can get where the maniacal stabbing came from. She shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and her ‘I can’t anymore’ line to Glenn at the end of the episode tied everything up nicely.
  • So our group dispatched several more of Negan’s people. How many of them are there, for fuck’s sake?
  • Also, are the Saviors some kind of cult, or is this “we are all Negan” crap pure strategy? They all seem too willing to take a bullet for their leader, and if they’re all so loyal to a face-destroying lunatic, how deranged exactly is this group?
  • Also, how ill-prepared is Rick’s team? Out of everyone in Hilltop who heard about their mission, not one person happened to think it might be a good idea to let the Alexandrians know what this guy even looks like? Or at least tip them off about his weapon of choice?

Ah, so much to discuss, but I should be getting back to work. Until Sunday!