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November 2016

Come And Find Me

To be honest, the reason this movie seemed interesting was not its unoriginal premise (guy’s girlfriend goes missing and he discovers she’s not who he thought she was) but its lead actor. I’ve loved Aaron Paul since his Breaking Bad days, and, much like I usually stay away from movies starring actors I dislike, I will watch pretty much anything featuring my favorite TV/movie stars.

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Disappointing seasons or high expectations?

Maybe we’ve been spoiled by the high-quality shows being produced in recent years that raised our expectations considerably; maybe it’s just that some of the shows I normally look forward to have jumped the shark (or should have wrapped up sooner). Whatever it is, I am somehow finding a few of them a bit lackluster since they returned for their new seasons.

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TWD: Swear

Oh man. It’s a good thing I had no expectations for last night’s episode because I’d have been sorely disappointed after watching the snoozefest that was this Tara-centric episode no one wanted.

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The Neon Demon, aka worst movie of the year

Okay. So this one had a decent rating and was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. It had a big-name cast, if not a slightly odd one – Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, the guy who played Jack Bass on Gossip Girl, and the girl who played Joanna in the Hunger Games. It’s got a semi-interesting plot line – young pretty girl tries to make it as a model in L.A. but jealous bitches will do everything to get what she’s got.

I’ve seen movies that had much less going for them this year, but each and every one was better than the utter drivel that was the Neon Demon. I know, I know. The title alone should have tipped me off. But hell, I liked Drive, I liked Bronson, I (kinda) liked Only God Forgives; I thought Refn’s momentum and quasi-cult-following in recent years pretty much guaranteed a decent movie. Boy was I wrong.

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Captivity is a slightly older movie (2007), but it sparked my curiosity when I read all the mixed reviews it had received, depending on which version of the movie audiences commented on. The original movie was more psychological thriller than horror, but the studio decided to milk the torture porn frenzy that was going on at the time (remember, these movies were at their peak in the mid-2000’s) and re-shot, re-cut and basically re-vamped the entire film.

I was unsure which version I was about to watch, which gave the experience an added level of suspense. It turned out to be the tamer version, which, judging from viewers’ descriptions of the added gory scenes, I was definitely not upset about.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

For all of you in the US celebrating thanksgiving, happy turkey day!



Telethon Runner

The End of the Tour

This was yet another movie suggested by several lists of films we missed in 2015, and although I don’t normally enjoy biopics, my watchlist is dwindling so I decided to give it a shot.

Now, a disclaimer: I haven’t read Infinite Jest, nor was I familiar with either David Foster Wallace or Dave Lipsky; I guess Wallace’s breakthrough novel never really acquired much notoriety in my country – plus my freshman year at university kept me plenty busy to take on a 1,000 page book for leisure. Similarly, Lipsky’s book on Wallace flew under my radar in 2008, and really would have held no interest for me anyway.

So I went in with no preconceptions or expectations, which turned out to be a good thing in this case.

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TWD: Go Getters

Go Getters was mercifully quick to put us at ease this week about Maggie and her baby’s condition and apparently decided against milking the melodrama too much with that not-too-dramatic graveside scene. Maggie and Sasha are slowly recovering from losing their loves ones and sticking together at the Hilltop.

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Friend Request (aka Unfriend, not to be confused with Unfriended)

I should have learned my lesson with Unfriended (aka Cybernatural – what is it with the multiple titles for these movies?), but I guess I just couldn’t help myself. Although, come to think of it, a side-by-side comparison would have been interesting.

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