This is going to be short and sweet.

Well, short at least.

As the awfulness that were the two SATC movies, especially the second one, have illustrated, reviving a successful franchise years later, when its protagonists have gone from semi-fresh-faced to middle aged and barely resembling their former selves, is a bit of a risky move.

That’s probably even more true in the case of Renée Zellweger, whose plastic surgery has altered her appearance so much that she’s virtually unrecognizable as she reprises the role of Bridget Jones.

Still, that wasn’t my main issue with this movie. Nor was her continuously failed attempts at faking a proper british accent – although it wasn’t as bad as the annoying new boss’s authentic (and obnoxious) one.

I can even live with the slapstick scenes of a 43 year old woman, dressed in white, fighting a losing battle with a number of puddles of mud, or with the ridiculous sight of two grown men trying to carry the same (very pregnant) woman to the hospital.

What I refuse to buy, no matter how far-fetched the plot line of the rom-com, is that two handsome, successful and overall great guys are actively competing for the affections of the walking disaster that is Bridget Jones. It’s particularly hard to swallow when one of her suitors is McDreamy Patrick Dempsey, who, after having only spent a drunken night in the sack with Bridget and endured an excruciatingly embarrassing TV interview that she orchestrated, declares that she’ll be the best possible mother for his child. Seriously?

Sigh. The movie is actually not all bad. It does have its funny moments, whether courtesy of Colin Firth’s dry humor or Emma Thomson’s lines, which basically steal the show. It’s also nice to see McDreamy stepping up his game and becoming even more attractive as he ages – and man, that salt-n-pepper tousled ‘do is such a vast improvement to his already much-praised mass of hair.

If spending a couple of hours watching a mildly funny chick flick is your thing, then by all means. You can do a lot worse than Bridget Jones’ s Baby.