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November 2016

Bridget Jones’s Baby

This is going to be short and sweet.

Well, short at least.

As the awfulness that were the two SATC movies, especially the second one, have illustrated, reviving a successful franchise years later, when its protagonists have gone from semi-fresh-faced to middle aged and barely resembling their former selves, is a bit of a risky move.

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This is not pop-culture related, but this is as good an outlet as any for my frustrations – and, as you probably know by now, 140 characters aren’t nearly enough to vent my outrage on twitter.

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While I’m nit-picking….

… I’m sorry, but I gotta do this:

Unnecessary longer runtime aside, I feel like ‘Service‘ was a missed opportunity for our Alexandrians. Forget that the plot needs Negan to hang around for a while and just stay with me for a minute here.

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TWD: Service

You know what, TWD? Here’s a thought: don’t do those super-sized episodes any more. Not only does the anticipation of a full 60′ raise expectations, but the episode itself usually lets us down.

I’m not saying Service was bad; it was a solid episode in terms of character development, but did it warrant the longer run-time? All we saw was Negan and his Saviors loot Alexandria, with Rick & co looking on, barring a couple of feisty exceptions, and peppered with a few funny one-liners, courtesy of Negan.

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Don’t Breathe

Okay, stay with me here: remember that scene in Arrested Development where Tobias breaks into Maggie Lizer’s apartment to steal some documents, because obviously robbing a blind person should be a piece of cake, only to have her beat the crap out of him in the end?

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TWD: The Cell

The Cell was episode #3 of the season, and once again we’re pursuing other story arcs instead of checking in with our group in Alexandria. I don’t know how I feel about that; the Kingdom episode was cool and a completely welcome change of tone from the devastating premiere, but two episodes in a row without news of Rick & co? As interesting as the hostage Daryl/Dwight/Negan dynamic might be, it feels a bit too much time away from the other main characters.

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Double Feature

One a relatively recent release, the other a movie I missed in 2015, both feature big name actors in roles we’re not used to seeing them, but that’s where the similarities end:

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The Great British Bake Off Season 7

The Great British Bake Off just wrapped its 7th season, and once again we were treated to a great variety of classics mixed in with whimsical desserts, the legendary, harsh but fair judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, the funny commentary of Mel and Sue, and a dozen lovely home bakers, each more lovable than the next, all tremendously skilled in baking.

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