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December 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas!


Telethon Runner

Train To Busan: best zombie movie ever?

I know I’m probably missing out on a lot of phenomenal films, but I usually steer clear of non-english-speaking films because I find subtitles too distracting and/or annoying. There are very few examples of Asian movies I’ve decided to bite and bullet and watch, such as the original Oldboy and Ringu, Battle Royal and Audition, all most of which I enjoyed (Audition was just too damn weird), but when everyone and their mother tout Train To Busan as the best zombie movie ever, I’m sure as hell not going to let a couple of lines of text get in the way of some good ol’ horror.

And let me tell you, I’m so glad I didn’t. Keep Reading!

TWD mid-season finale: Hearts Still Beating

So TWD managed to redeem itself for the mediocre past few episodes by giving us pretty much all we could possibly want in the mid-season finale. Is it still moving along a bit too slow for my liking? Possibly, considering we’ve been getting plenty of supersized episodes and not a lot of action in the back half of season 7, but things are finally moving along, and at least the main character arcs and development may definitely justify the slower pace.

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It’s not every day I get an order for a GoT cake for a friend’s birthday, but when I do, it has to be a bloody Iron Throne.


Happy birthday Michael!

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

There’s the kind of action-adventure movies where one of the most entertaining aspects of the viewing experience is knowing the hero’s lines before he even speaks them; it comes from years of repeated viewings of classic films of the genre, ones that make speaking such iconic quotes as ‘yippe ki-yay, motherf*cker‘ or ‘hasta la vista, baby‘ along with the hero so damn enjoyable, even though there’s zero element of suspense any more.

Then there’s the kind that is so riddled with clichés that every single line of dialogue seems like a throwaway, every character is two-dimensional, every plot twist entirely predictable.

That’s basically Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in a nutshell.

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We’re getting there, TWD…

Last night’s Sing Me A Song proves that you can do a slow(er) episode without making it boring. Did we get much action? No, but we got several characters we care about, and, seeing as it was the penultimate episode of the half season, we started to see a few pieces falling into place.

Here’s a few random thoughts about this week’s Negan-extravaganza:

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You are tearing me apart, Lisa!

I’ve spent quite some time on this blog – and in private conversations – discussing good movies, awful movies, addictive TV shows and the effects of pop culture in general. So I figure it’s about time we discuss the best worst movie ever made. Sure, there are plenty of contenders for the title, and I certainly don’t claim to have watched every terrible film out there, but in my mind, there is but one true champion.

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