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January 2017

Noah Solloway is off to crazy town

Well, well, well. The Affair seems to be upping the ante as its third season draws to a close, and it’s a definite improvement from its slow start. I can’t say I loved this episode but at least we finally see some of the pieces falling into place.

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The Affair is back on track

Well, well, well… I might just have to eat my words, because I actually loved this episode of The Affair. Even though Noah was nowhere to be seen, and even if they gave us a Helen appearance that didn’t really add much to the plot, this week’s installment was everything the other episodes of this season weren’t. I wasn’t annoyed or bored, there was no unnecessary action or over the top scenes, and yet it contained zero filler.

Even more significantly, it was emotional without being sappy, the performances were understated without turning bland, and it actually advanced character development that had been stagnant (or even nowhere to be seen) throughout most of the season.

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Sherlock’s Final Problem: what a mess.

[major spoiler warning for those who still haven’t watched The Final Problem]

If you watched this week’s season finale (and, quite possible, the series finale as well) and felt satisfied by the payoff of everything set up in last week’s The Lying Detective, then you probably won’t like what you’re about to read. If, however, your reaction to this episode was an overwhelming ‘WTF did I just watch?‘, which is pretty much how I felt throughout the feature-length Sherlock swan song, then by all means, let’s commiserate.

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The Affair: Chapter 7

So let’s recap: Helen is not just an asshole, she’s a freaking imbecile. Even her idiot daughter, still dating her obnoxious sugar-daddy of a boss, has more sense that Helen, and that’s really saying something (although I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

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Sherlock Season 4: a slow burn?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are big-shot movie stars these days and have obviously been keeping rather busy with other projects, but Sherlock is finally back with its 4th season, after a prolonged two-year hiatus.

I must admit, I didn’t have really high hopes for this one, given how underwhelming the Abominable Bride had been last year, but this season delivered so far, even though it didn’t start by putting its best foot forward.

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Few things annoy me more than an over-hyped movie that doesn’t deliver; one of those things may just well be a critically praised movie that partly delivers only to let me down in the end, because it means I am already invested in a premise that appears original… and then Ι get sucker-punched by the most common of horror tropes.

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Who’s the biggest jerk on The Affair? Part II

Last year there were far too many contenders for the title; Noah was the obvious choice, but I found myself leaning towards Alison at the time, mostly because she was being a selfish, unreliable idiot.

This time around, however, it feels like we’re not on the same playing field any more. A lot has changed in the years since we left off the characters in Season 2, and along with the situation, there’s been a tremendous shift in dynamics as well.

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Cooking Show roundup: holiday edition

I’ve been baking up a storm over the holiday break – looks like my cake decorating business has taken off lately – so it’s only fitting that I finally post my usual cooking show roundup.

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Happy New Year!

Everyone seems to have a multitude of reasons to be happy 2016 is finally over, and even though it did have its moments, I’m excited for a (hopefully) better 2017!

So who did you kiss at the turn of the year?

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