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February 2017

TWD: Hostiles and Calamities

Well this was a semi-pleasant surprise. I must say, the idea of a Negan-and-mostly-Eugene stand alone episode didn’t excite me all that much on paper, but I feel like they actually pulled it off. Or maybe they just set a very low bar with the garbage people last week. Either way, I actually enjoyed this one, so here we go:

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La La Land: a glorified feel-good movie? [long, rambling post]

Warning: what follows is a very long and possibly incoherent rambling post, so read at your own risk.

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TWD: New Best Friends

I don’t know how TWD does it: they manage to produce an episode that’s fairly decent and simultaneously makes me want to punch my television. It’s a gift, really.

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The Walking Dead is back with a bang!

… and it’s a relief as much as it was a pleasant surprise. I must admit, I wasn’t growing antsy with anticipation during the break like I used to in previous seasons, because lately TWD has been mostly uneven and inconsistent.

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The Affair: Season finale

Wait, so this was the big season finale?

Color me confused – by the decision to end the season like this, but also because I can’t really hate on this episode since I honestly thought it was good – just not season finale material. However, the initial disappointment of having the major story of the season merely glossed over (and basically skipped entirely in favor of a short time jump) quickly dissipated, because the Noah/Juliette/Whitney plot line was really well done.

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