I know I’m not the only one buzzing with anticipation for the new Game of Thrones season… July 16 can’t get here soon enough, and, as bummed as I am for the shorter season run, I have to assume that this means less filler, solid episodes and amazing action leading up to the grand finale that will be the (even shorter) last season of the show.

I also absolutely love the new promo that just dropped yesterday. It doesn’t show much, but it says a great deal about what’s to come, and I can’t help but wonder about the odd choice of song – but hey, no complaints here, James is one of my all time favorite bands.

I’m sure there will be plenty of in-depth analysis posts and YouTube videos popping up soon. Between the ones that already surfaced following the excellent teaser that was released a couple of weeks ago, and the various spoiler-ridden leaks that I have been avoiding all this time, I am completely excited for season 7.

Speaking of breakdowns of the teaser trailer, I’m sure I’ve mentioned the New Rockstars’ YouTube channel before, but it’s worth checking out: