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April 2017

The Leftovers: Don’t Be Ridiculous

You know how I was wondering whether the third and final season of The Leftovers would live up to the spectacular season 2? Well, from what we’ve seen already, I can’t say I’m too worried any more. After a very promising premiere, it keeps getting better and better, and I just hope we’ll eventually get to an episode that will measure up to the incredibly high standard set by International Assassin last year.

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The Leftovers: The Book Of Kevin

The Leftovers is back and I’m actually surprised to say I’m as excited about this final season as I am about GoT. The teaser trailers did a great job of compounding the mysteries and upping the ante before it even started, and this season premiere definitely lived up to the hype as far as I’m concerned: true to form, it raises the stakes from the moment it hits our screens, ends on a very weird note, with a whole lot of crazy self-referential details in the middle… so let’s get into this:

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Big Little Lies

I almost prefaced this with a disclaimer that I normally don’t go for this type of show (and by “this type of show” I mean the kind of family drama that loosely ties a mystery into the plot for added suspense, but mostly focuses on relationships). But then I thought wait, aren’t you the one who’s devoted plenty of posts on this blog discussing the merits of The Affair? So yeah, scratch that.

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#TWD: The First Day of The Rest of Your Life

What did we learn from The Walking Dead season 7 finale?

Well I, for one, am a sucker – for sentimental crap and small triumphs alike, so the finale hit most of those chords for me:
We got the “epic” battle we’d been anticipating all season long, the long awaited mauling of a couple of Saviors courtesy of Shiva the tiger, an emotional voice-over montage that would befit a series finale, a sad (albeit predictable) death with its requisite accompanying flashbacks, a death scare that (again, predictably) was a false alarm, a couple of Deus ex machina moments, and – most importantly – we finally got some plot development.

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