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June 2017

The Book of Nora: a perfect finale.

My infatuation with The Leftovers wasn’t love at first sight. It’s not the kind of show that wins you over as soon as you let the first few scenes of the pilot episode wash over you. In fact, if I hadn’t binge-watched it before Season 2 started and had to wait week to week for new episodes, I probably would have given up. Man, am I glad I stuck with it.

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Here I am, having just watched The Leftovers finale…

…bawling like a baby. Damn you, Lindelof, you actually did it this time! Consider yourself officially redeemed for that Lost finale.

I loved this episode. It answered everything — and nothing. And it was done well enough that we don’t really care about the answers. Like Matt and his Book, we can choose to believe, and then it all makes sense. It’s all about Nora and Kevin. And to get the answers from Nora herself was so damn satisfying.

I’m sure there are plenty of analyses out there already, so I’ll keep this brief for now. The Book of Nora exceeded my expectations. Theroux and Coon absolutely killed it. I could watch them play off each other all day, so it’s a bittersweet ending for me: as much as I enjoyed this finale, I just want more.

Man, I’m gonna miss this show.


Every time there’s buzz around a movie, I promise myself I won’t give in to the hype. And every time I get sucked in.

M. Night Shyamalan’s Split was no exception. No matter what kind of drivel the man has produced since The 6th Sense, it seems like the world keeps hoping that he’ll finally come up with something to equal the well-deserved success of his breakout film.

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