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February 2018

A couple of short reviews & an update

Oh Netflix, why you gotta do me wrong?

I’ve humored you and your ‘recommendations’. Some were even semi-decent. But it seems like I’m on a losing streak lately, to the point where I’m so hesitant about starting a new show or movie, I figure I’d just re-watch a sure thing (Breaking Bad binge, anyone?).

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The Girlfriend Experience

If you know me, you know I have a hard time connecting with characters that come off as aloof, cold and detatched. This becomes even harder when said characters’ motivations and circumstances are unfamiliar, or when their stories seem to be far outside the realm of my own experiences. Still, I can appreciate the artistic vision of their creators and enjoy the acting, direction and plot lines for what they are.

Such was the case with The Girlfriend Experience.

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