Pop culture is loosely related to my field of expertise, but that’s not why I binge-watch any good show I might come across (and, more often than not, a bad one). If my views are slightly skewed, it’s because I consume pop culture as a native Greek thirty-something.

A political communication specialist by trade, whatever influence my professional curiosity may exert on my viewing preferences, I just tend to write about shows and movies I enjoy. However, this might explain why I found The Ides of March to be fascinating, for instance, or why House of Cards makes me feel virtuous as much as it makes my stomach churn.

Regardless of the subject matter, I try to write about movies and TV strictly from a fan’s standpoint, and I enjoy hearing other fans’ opinions and suggestions (either on the shows/movies themselves or on my writing), so keep ’em coming in the comments if you’re so inclined.

I also enjoy cooking and baking, hence my predilection for cooking shows. I try to keep my baking exploits contained in my baking blog, but there’s a cooking show section here and random recaps and/or reviews posted from time to time for anyone interested.

So I hope you enjoy this blog, and I’ll be glad to hear your comments.

Oh, and by the way, I do post spoilers aplenty, so beware!


Telethon Runner


PS. There are shows I genuinely love, shows I’ve grown fond of, others I used to enjoy but not so much any more. But I don’t hate-watch anything; if I’m too harsh in my criticism, it’s only because I expect more from these shows.