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A couple of short reviews & an update

Oh Netflix, why you gotta do me wrong?

I’ve humored you and your ‘recommendations’. Some were even semi-decent. But it seems like I’m on a losing streak lately, to the point where I’m so hesitant about starting a new show or movie, I figure I’d just re-watch a sure thing (Breaking Bad binge, anyone?).

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Summer Roundup part 1: books & TV shows

Yes, I realise it’s been officially fall for a while now, but both the weather and my current location still scream summer to me, so I’m still operating in beach mode. And although it’s hasn’t been a conventionally productive period for me, it was quite relaxing, and exactly what I needed after a not so wonderful winter.

And it’s been somewhat productive in terms of pop-culture consumption. I enjoyed several books, movies and TV shows, and that’s exactly what this post is about: a handy list for me to keep track of everything I read and watched over the summer.

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Happy New Year!

Everyone seems to have a multitude of reasons to be happy 2016 is finally over, and even though it did have its moments, I’m excited for a (hopefully) better 2017!

So who did you kiss at the turn of the year?

It’s not every day I get an order for a GoT cake for a friend’s birthday, but when I do, it has to be a bloody Iron Throne.


Happy birthday Michael!


This is not pop-culture related, but this is as good an outlet as any for my frustrations – and, as you probably know by now, 140 characters aren’t nearly enough to vent my outrage on twitter.

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These are a few of my favorite things

Well, three at least. Plus this view, which I just posted because I couldn’t pick a ‘featured image’ for this post.

I hadn’t posted in a while and it feels like my recent reviews were mostly negative, so I figured I’d talk about things I enjoyed this summer to counteract the ‘bad’ vibes.

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It’s been a while…

I have neglected the blog for a while now but I’ve been spending so much time writing, editing, even trying my hand at graphic design, and baking up a storm lately that I just don’t have the courage or energy to spend more time in front of a computer in my spare time…

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I may have mentioned before that I work in political communication, which in my case involves a lot of writing (speechwriting, copywriting, ghostwriting articles and blog posts and so on), even more research and generally keeping up with current events and having my wits about me to react to it on social media etc. I also happen to live in a country where the political situation is somewhat fluid in recent years, so there’s always breaking news and scandals to deal with on a daily basis.

All this is by way of saying that my job leaves me little time to watch something worth writing about (i.e. something that requires an attention span of longer than 10 minutes) and even less inclination to keep typing away in my spare time after having spent half the day doing it professionally.

Hence the lack of frequent posts on my part lately – which I’m sure very few people noticed, as it’s not like this blog has any semblance of a mass following, which in turn makes me even more grateful for the actual readers I do have, and I thank you for your time from the bottom of my heart!

Due to my suddenly busier schedule, my watchlist keeps growing and growing, especially since Netflix finally became available in this country. Aside from the many new(ish) shows and movies I’ve yet to watch, I keep stumbling across old shows that never really caught my attention when they originally aired. I’m sure I’ll get around to them eventually – it will certainly help during the long summer hiatus – but until I get in the mindset of exploring new material, I’m reverting back to old(er) but not forgotten favorites and/or guilty pleasures.

For instance, the upcoming Friends one-off reunion special reminded me to re-watch my all-time favorite show for the umpteenth time. I’m already bracing myself for disappointment since Chandler won’t physically join the cast for the reunion episode (boo!) but hey, even the worst Friends episode is probably miles ahead of 90% of the stuff available to me right now.

I also decided to revisit my favorite guilty pleasure of the late noughties: Gossip Girl, so do expect a long rambling retrospective at some point.

And I guess this is my cue to sign off, as duty calls. A bientot!

xoxo Telethon Runner

Laugh-out-loud funny

Let’s all just agree right off the bat: Louis CK is a comedic genius. If you have no opinion on the matter, I suggest you drop everything and watch Louie and his various stand up specials. Now.

I know that humor is largely a subjective quality. What makes me laugh might leave you cold. For example, I don’t generally go for slapstick comedy. I have no problem with profanity. I still laugh out loud watching Top Secret and thought The Hangover was mediocre at best. I never enjoyed The Office or Mr Bean but Ricky Gervais’ stand up shows crack me up, as does The Black Adder series to this day.

Louie seems to be universally appreciated and considered the big name in comedy today. The man can say anything and get away with it. His bits about technology, his rants about his daughters, every little mundane detail of his life becomes hilarious in his masterful comedic routine. His SNL monologues are brilliant. His stand-up specials are the most enjoyable hours of television you will ever watch. He’s the best, and pretty much everyone agrees.

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