Season 14

We’re currently on week #6 of Top Chef Season 14, and although I haven’t been working on individual recaps, here’s what I think of this season so far.

Season 13

After 10 years on the air, Top Chef Season 13 brought us back to California, where the show began.

For each episode recap, just click on the images below:

S13E01: Stop The Presses
S13E02: Pop Up Pandemonium
S13E03: Spines And Vines
S13E04: It's A Dry Heat
S13E05: Big Gay Wedding
top chef big gay wedding
S13E06: Banannaisekaren featured
S13E07: Back in the Day
...aaand life got busy 
and I stopped recapping 
Season 13 at this point. 
Sorry about that!
(it wasn't that spectacular anyway)