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The Founder

I don’t normally go for biopics, because I generally find non-fiction boring, but The Founder was a story I was strangely drawn to, possibly because I had read the broad strokes of Ray Kroc’s story a while back and found it fascinating.

For a movie that lacks the major drama we’re used to expecting from biographical films, turning an anti-hero salesman into an interesting figure was a big ask. Still,┬áSiegel and Hancock’s adaptation of the history behind an unusual man who turned a revolutionary idea into the fast food empire we all know today rose to the chalenge.

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The End of the Tour

This was yet another movie suggested by several lists of films we missed in 2015, and although I don’t normally enjoy biopics, my watchlist is dwindling so I decided to give it a shot.

Now, a disclaimer: I haven’t read Infinite Jest, nor was I familiar with either David Foster Wallace or Dave Lipsky; I guess Wallace’s breakthrough novel never really acquired much notoriety in my country – plus my freshman year at university kept me plenty busy to take on a 1,000 page book for leisure. Similarly, Lipsky’s book on Wallace flew under my radar in 2008, and really would have held no interest for me anyway.

So I went in with no preconceptions or expectations, which turned out to be a good thing in this case.

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