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The Book of Nora: a perfect finale.

My infatuation with The Leftovers wasn’t love at first sight. It’s not the kind of show that wins you over as soon as you let the first few scenes of the pilot episode wash over you. In fact, if I hadn’t binge-watched it before Season 2 started and had to wait week to week for new episodes, I probably would have given up. Man, am I glad I stuck with it.

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The Leftovers: episode 309 [long, rambling post]

Alright. I’ve (kind of) gathered my thoughts but no matter how much analysis we could delve into, I don’t think we’d do this episode justice. I don’t know what it is about these afterlife/purgatory themed episodes that appeals to me so much; with the exception of the first season, which I feel was the weakest of the bunch (or maybe I just needed time to acclimate myself to the bizarre world of The Leftovers), every installment has been equally well-constructed. Still, the International Assassin episodes are a step above for me. Maybe it’s the fact that, as surreal as they feel, they still manage to stay grounded, so to speak. The story is completely bonkers, and yet it makes perfect sense. It’s pretty heavy stuff, but injected with clever humor, enough to add some much needed levity. And the result is a fascinating hour of television unlike any other.

Warning: this is going to be a very lengthy post. The recap alone is long enough, given how dense this episode was, so without further ado, let’s get into this.

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… and his identical twin brother

Wow. Just wow. Was the penultimate episode of The Leftovers actually better than International Assassin? Sure, it doesn’t have quite the novelty factor that I.A. did, but damn, this was one amazing hour of television.

I’m having a really hard time coming up with anything of note to write about this episode, mainly because my notes are basically a direct transcript, sprinkled with several repetitions of “THIS IS AWESOME” (yes, in all caps), which in my head is always a chant, WWE-style.

I’ll probably be back with a lengthy, rambling recap at some point before the finale; for now, I’m amazed, grateful that Lindelof seems to be handling this ending a lot better than Lost…. and yeah, okay, slightly disappointed that Kevin’s penis got so hyped up this week and yet we still didn’t get a full frontal 😉

The Leftovers: Certified

You know how, with most shows, you’re lucky to get a 3-4 great episode streak before a dud inevitably comes along? Yeah, not with The Leftovers. Six episodes into the season and it’s not just getting better and better, it’s actually upping the ante in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Given how much I loved Season 2, The Leftovers may just be the best freaking show on TV right now, as far as I’m concerned – at least until the much anticipated GoT Season 7.

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It’s A Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World indeed

Oh boy. I didn’t think I’d enjoy a Kevin & Nora-less episode as much as I did this one, but I loved “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World“. Not only was Christopher Eccleston amazing (as always), but we also got to meet yet another crazy subculture that almost puts the Guilty Remnant to shame.

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G’Day Melbourne

I think that what I love most about The Leftovers is that it manages to take an ostensibly normal plot point and quickly escalate it to new levels of crazy. Case in point: this week’s episode.

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The Leftovers: Don’t Be Ridiculous

You know how I was wondering whether the third and final season of The Leftovers would live up to the spectacular season 2? Well, from what we’ve seen already, I can’t say I’m too worried any more. After a very promising premiere, it keeps getting better and better, and I just hope we’ll eventually get to an episode that will measure up to the incredibly high standard set by International Assassin last year.

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The Leftovers: The Book Of Kevin

The Leftovers is back and I’m actually surprised to say I’m as excited about this final season as I am about GoT. The teaser trailers did a great job of compounding the mysteries and upping the ante before it even started, and this season premiere definitely lived up to the hype as far as I’m concerned: true to form, it raises the stakes from the moment it hits our screens, ends on a very weird note, with a whole lot of crazy self-referential details in the middle… so let’s get into this:

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The Leftovers: Ten Thirteen

Well, I guess it serves me right. After my weekend ode to The Leftovers, and just one week away from the big season 2 finale, we got an episode that just fell short.

Until the last few seconds, I found myself mostly bored. Don’t get me wrong: Liv Tyler’s performance was wonderful, the cinematography (and the soundtrack!) was phenomenal as always, and we did get some answers to our questions concerning the Guilty Remnants’ present status and operation, as well as a sort-of explanation for Meg and Tom’s run-in a few episodes back… but all the while, I kept wondering what’s going on with Kevin and the rest of the Garvey family. Meg isn’t that intriguing a character for me, I guess.

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