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Bones: mid-season finale double episode

Ninety minute specials and double episodes are a rare occurrence when it comes to our weekly guilty pleasures, so when they do happen, you’re really hoping you’re in for a treat.

This week’s Bones two back-to-back episodes weren’t a bad mid-season finale by any means, but they were nothing spectacular either; I wish they had been more coherent with each other, but hey, no complaints here. Either way, it was double the fun…sort of.

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Weekend Roundup: TGIT recaps

Let’s just say that out of the three TGIT shows, Bones closely resembled the fake-turkey Brennan wanted to serve for Thanksgiving, Grey’s Anatomy was the staple heaping pile of stuffing everyone loves, and HTGAWM… well, it’s like that godawful yam/marshmallow casserole that I still can’t wrap my brain around why is has a place on the dinner table and isn’t served as dessert: some people seem to love it; I just have no appetite for the stuff.

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Weekend roundup: TGIT recaps

A random thoughts on last week’s HTGAWM, Bones and Grey’s Anatomy.

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Bones: the Senator in the Street Sweeper

After last week’s poorly received (by me) crossover episode, we’re back to the regular Bones programming!

The episode opens with yet another disgusting mangled dead body: this time one caught in a street sweeper, as the title would imply.

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It’s a Bones Halloween episode!  [Man I wish we celebrated Halloween here!]

Complete with brain-jello pranks, demon eyes and a headless corpse in an 18th century costume uniform. Okay, so the dead body wasn’t exactly going to a costume party. And there’s witchcraft! The second body is a medical student was dabbling in witchcraft, as evidenced by the old book of spells found in her locker.

Lucky for our team at the Jeffersonian, they’ll have some extra hands on deck to solve this murder: an FBI Agent, and a weirdo from a historical society named Ichabod Crane.

I knew the name sounded familiar, and apparently it was intentional. This episode was the setup for a Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover episode, and suddenly I lost all interest.

Not cool, Bones. The show keeps turning more and more cartoonish, and resembles the tone of the book series less and less. This episode bored me to tears.


Bones: the Carpals in the Coy-Wolves

Is it just me or does the alliteration motif in the episode titles seem a little forced as of late? Not that I blame them, really – it’s been eleven seasons!

Anyhoo, another day, another gruesome murder for our team to investigate. It’s also the day Brennan decides to kill off a beloved character in her new book: Agent Andy, based on Booth, is shot through the chest. Booth’s not taking it very well, and doesn’t seem like he’s going to let it go any time soon regardless of how much Brennan keeps reassuring him, in her usual ever-rational manner. Agent Aubrey’s teasing isn’t much help, either.

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Bones: the Donor in the Drink

Okay, so maybe I ragged on Bones a little bit in my first recaps of the season, but episode 3 seems to be getting back on track: Booth and Brennan are back, and so is the familiar format of the show.

The opening scene was, as usual, the discovery of a gruesome corpse by a couple of random unsuspecting characters who had nothing to do with the murder: two women thought it might be a good idea to visit a remote fish farm out in the boonies for a redneck pedicure, and end up getting more than they bargained for. Instead of having fish nibble on the dead skin of their feet, which is pretty gross in an of itself if you ask me, one of them gets her foot lodged in a floating skull. Yuck. I think we should really give the writers props for continuously coming up with new disgusting ways to discover the bodies. Keep Reading!

Catching up with last week’s episodes: Bones


If last week’s HTGAWM episode seemed to be heading in the right direction, and Grey’s Anatomy was perfectly fine, Bones’s second episode of the season doesn’t fare as well. Is it possible the show has jumped the shark, or am I just being grumpy?

Episode 2 contained zero surprises, really. Well, maybe one. Let’s take it from the top:

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What’s going on with Seeley Booth?

Bones is back for its eleventh season, and boy is it back with a bang!

Last season found our favorite team of forensic experts broken up. Brennan and Booth were expecting a baby, felt they’d had enough with the dangers and pitfalls of their jobs, and decided to sit this one out.

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