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Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul: Season finale review

It took three whole seasons for the Breaking Bad spin-off show to really establish its deeper connections with its ‘big brother’. I’m not complaining about the slow burn, because it’s been a hell of a ride. Better Call Saul definitely lives up to my expectations, and although significantly different from its predecessor, all the components that made BB one of the best damn shows of recent years are still there: captivating story-telling, thoughtful character building, stellar acting and directing and a fascinating main character at its heart, who can carry the show just as well as Walter White did BB.

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Better Call Saul

I’ve never really been a big fan of prequels.

Actually, make that: I never really bothered with prequels, so maybe I’d actually warm up to at least some of them if I have them the chance. But it’s always been a case of ‘what’s the point?’ for me: why invest in a story you already know the ending of?

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