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Summer Roundup part 2: movies

Alright, we’ve done books and TV, now let’s dive into this random assortment of movies; there’s no rhyme or reason to this selection, other than it focuses on (mostly) recent films, so without further ado, here’s what I watched this summer:

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A few random, vaguely similar movie reviews

I wish I were one of those people who rush to see every new movie (or at least the ones who appeal to them) as soon as they hit the theater, or like those who check out every new show that looks promising. Binge-watching has spoiled me when it comes to TV, so aside from the few shows I follow regularly, lately I find myself preferring to just wait and binge on slightly older shows or just focus my attention on mini-series I can watch start-to-finish over a weekend.

As far as movies are concerned, I go through phases. Some weeks I don’t even have the attention span to sit through a whole movie; others I refuse to invest the time unless it’s a must-see. Over the past few months, the only “new” movie I saw was Nocturnal Animals (loved it).

Then there are times when I try to dig up a handful of movies of a certain genre and watch them back-to-back. So, given my recent disappointment in 13 Reasons Why, I figured I should get my teen drama/rom-com fix wherever I could get it, so I picked a few films off of random recommendations:

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Double Feature

One a relatively recent release, the other a movie I missed in 2015, both feature big name actors in roles we’re not used to seeing them, but that’s where the similarities end:

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The Comedy Central Roast of… Ann Coulter?

Oh boy do I love those CC Roasts. Such a pity they only happen once a year, really. Last year’s Justin Bieber’s roast was hilarious, not least because that obnoxious little brat has made himself such an easy target. Kevin Hart was the most hilarious Roast Master to date, and in any case it was a vast improvement from the lackluster James Franco roast, which basically consisted of jokes about Jews and Franco’s squinty eyes.

When Donald Trump’s nomination was announced, I re-watched the ol’ Trump roast, not only because it was hilarious in the first place, but because it seemed so ludicrous that this guy was actually the Republican nominee for the presidency. It basically made me feel better about my country’s own farce of a government. But this year’s roast was even better in that regard.

It was supposed to be the roast of Rob Lowe.

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Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl, Interrupted

I have professed my admiration for comedian Louis CK here before. His seemingly effortless style of observation, self-deprecation and – more significantly – personal experience comedy resonates with me in a way some of the widely accepted all-time greats never have.

So when Louie describes a fellow comic’s stand-up as ‘masterful’, I feel like I should really sit up and take notice.

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Ash Vs Evil Dead: oh hell yeah.

Was I the last pulp-horror fan in the world to discover this little gem? Ash is back to battle some Deadites and kick ass?!? Sign me up!

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Laugh-out-loud funny

Let’s all just agree right off the bat: Louis CK is a comedic genius. If you have no opinion on the matter, I suggest you drop everything and watch Louie and his various stand up specials. Now.

I know that humor is largely a subjective quality. What makes me laugh might leave you cold. For example, I don’t generally go for slapstick comedy. I have no problem with profanity. I still laugh out loud watching Top Secret and thought The Hangover was mediocre at best. I never enjoyed The Office or Mr Bean but Ricky Gervais’ stand up shows crack me up, as does The Black Adder series to this day.

Louie seems to be universally appreciated and considered the big name in comedy today. The man can say anything and get away with it. His bits about technology, his rants about his daughters, every little mundane detail of his life becomes hilarious in his masterful comedic routine. His SNL monologues are brilliant. His stand-up specials are the most enjoyable hours of television you will ever watch. He’s the best, and pretty much everyone agrees.

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