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The Book of Nora: a perfect finale.

My infatuation with The Leftovers wasn’t love at first sight. It’s not the kind of show that wins you over as soon as you let the first few scenes of the pilot episode wash over you. In fact, if I hadn’t binge-watched it before Season 2 started and had to wait week to week for new episodes, I probably would have given up. Man, am I glad I stuck with it.

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GoT Season 6 is over, but there’s still plenty to talk about

Obviously my previous (relatively short) post about the Game of Thrones season finale wasn’t going to be my last words on the subject. Hell, I don’t even know if this one will be the end of that for this year.

So here are a few more random thoughts on The Winds of Winter

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GoT: Winter is Here

What an amazing season finale. Could we even ask for more after this supersized episode of awesomeness?

(Actually, yes: seeing as everyone seems to have found Littlefinger’s portal and can travel around 2 continents at warp speed – hell, Varys went from Mereen to Dorne and back to Mereen again in the span of two episodes! – we could have used a Stark/Brienne/Sandor Clegane reunion over in the North, or even a Jorah Mormont/Sam meeting at the Citadel, but now I’m really just nitpicking at what was a truly satisfying, fan-service-galore GoT episode).

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The Affair season finale: Atonement?

Well, we finally got the finale we were waiting for, and this one came with a couple of unexpected twists.

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The Leftovers: I Live Here Now

Wow. Just wow. I had kept my expectations pretty low for the season finale since last week’s episode, but boy did this one exceed them by a mile. Every other show on TV, take note: this is how you do a finale. 

Not only is this a pretty near perfect capper for this season, but it could have been the actual series finale and I wouldn’t have minded the unanswered questions one bit; I would just let it go and go on to declare this one of the top five shows on television in recent years, hands down.

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The Affair: now we’re getting somewhere!

This one was a pleasant surprise, for two reasons: for one thing, it was a solid episode. For another, I thought this would be the season finale, seeing as there were only 10 episodes to the first season, but apparently not: we’re getting an extra couple of eps for season two, and I, for one, am not complaining!

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