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Grey’s Anatomy

Weekend Roundup: TGIT recaps

Let’s just say that out of the three TGIT shows, Bones closely resembled the fake-turkey Brennan wanted to serve for Thanksgiving, Grey’s Anatomy was the staple heaping pile of stuffing everyone loves, and HTGAWM… well, it’s like that godawful yam/marshmallow casserole that I still can’t wrap my brain around why is has a place on the dinner table and isn’t served as dessert: some people seem to love it; I just have no appetite for the stuff.

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Weekend roundup: TGIT recaps

A random thoughts on last week’s HTGAWM, Bones and Grey’s Anatomy.

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Grey’s Anatomy: The Me Nobody Knows

Just my luck – I finally pay enough attention to learn Maggie’s hot intern f*ckbuddy’s name (Deluca!) and he almost gets zero lines this whole episode. 

Which, of course, was to be expected, as we have bigger fish to fry: Penny’s residency begins this week, and whose service will she be on? Why, Meredith Grey’s, of course.

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Grey’s Anatomy: most awkward dinner party ever?

I guess we’re done with the more cheerful episodes now? Five whole episodes, must be some kind of Shondaland record!

Guess who’s coming to dinner picks up right where we left off last week: Callie and her new girlfriend Penny arrive at Meredith’s, she answers the door… and it’s a shock to the system.

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Grey’s Anatomy: death & sex & freaking out

A few minutes into ‘Old Time Rock ‘n Roll‘ we had a pretty good idea the episode was going to be all about sex. We pick up right where we left off last week – with a drunken Maggie taking the hot intern home. This week, she wakes up and has one of the freak outs we’ve grown to expect from her. Can this woman handle anything with poise and calm? As Meredith pointed out later on in the episode, she’s not the first attending to sleep with an intern (cue yet another freak out by Maggie for reminding Meredith of the late Dr. McDreamy).

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Catching up with last week’s episodes: Grey’s Anatomy

Continuing our TGIT recaps, and since I rambled on and on about HTGAWM, I’ll keep Grey’s Anatomy short and sweet.

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Girl Power in Shondaland

I’m all for strong, confident women. I’d like to think I am one. I enjoy watching them thrive on film, and I wish more of them had a prominent place on my favorite shows. Shonda Rhimes has done us all a big favor by creating strong female characters, and we appreciate her all the more for it.

But does it get too much? I enjoy watching what a man’s world run by women. But there comes a point when I feel pandered to, and that cheapens the experience.

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Grey’s Anatomy 2.0

It only took eleven seasons for the show to hit us with an episode that litterally explains the title Grey’s Anatomy. In the season 12 premiere, Meredith Grey teaches an anatomy course, and we feel like we’ve come full circle.

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