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How to get away with murder

Catching up with last week’s episodes: HTGAWM

I know I’m a little late for the TGIT roundup, but I have a perfectly good excuse.

So what’s new in Shondaland?

First, our favorite guide to getting away with murder:

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Girl Power in Shondaland

I’m all for strong, confident women. I’d like to think I am one. I enjoy watching them thrive on film, and I wish more of them had a prominent place on my favorite shows. Shonda Rhimes has done us all a big favor by creating strong female characters, and we appreciate her all the more for it.

But does it get too much? I enjoy watching what a man’s world run by women. But there comes a point when I feel pandered to, and that cheapens the experience.

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How to Get Away with Infinite Flashbacks

Or, how to take a whodunnit and fill it with so many repetitious flashbacks that you don’t even know if you’re watching a show or if it’s an endless case of deja-vu.

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