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Weekend Roundup: TGIT recaps

Let’s just say that out of the three TGIT shows, Bones closely resembled the fake-turkey Brennan wanted to serve for Thanksgiving, Grey’s Anatomy was the staple heaping pile of stuffing everyone loves, and HTGAWM… well, it’s like that godawful yam/marshmallow casserole that I still can’t wrap my brain around why is has a place on the dinner table and isn’t served as dessert: some people seem to love it; I just have no appetite for the stuff.

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Weekend roundup: TGIT recaps

A random thoughts on last week’s HTGAWM, Bones and Grey’s Anatomy.

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HTGAWM: I Want You To Die

Well, it doesn’t get more explicit than that, does it? Which one out of our protagonists will be the one to say that? God knows there are plenty of candidates.

We are now four days before the events we keep flash-forwarding to, and at first glance it seems that not only all of Annalise’s students are involved, but they’re split up into opposing teams, with Wes toting a (the?) murder weapon.

But let’s take it from the top:

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HTGAWM: Two birds, a Millstone

Another week, another murder case for Annalise Keating. If only things were that simple! Maybe I’m just missing my weekly Grey’s Anatomy fix, but I think I’ve reached the point where Annalise doesn’t just annoy me, she disgusts me.

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HTGAWM: Meet Bonnie

I love how everyone is slowly turning out to be a psychopath on this show.

Bonnie is an expert liar and a wonderful actress, waterworks and all, it seems. Her bullshit little story about Sam trying to rape her so she killed him appears to be working on Asher.

Annalise not only backs Bonnie’s story, but goes all out in a condescending tirade about women’s rights and how white boy (aka Douche Face) couldn’t possibly understand. She also makes a not-so-veiled threat, but the clincher is Bonnie. Poor Asher certainly wouldn’t want  to see her behind bars… or would he?

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HTGAWM: Skanks get shanked? Sheesh.

Wow, things have taken a turn for the strange in Shondaland. Only four weeks into the new season, and already we get more confused with each new episode. By the end of last night’s aptly named ‘Skanks get shanked’ latest instalment of HTGAWM, it looks like just about everyone who knows Annalise Keating has a pretty good motive to kill her. I’d probably count myself as one of those people: despite certain redeeming aspects of her character, I just don’t like her.

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How to Get Away with Infinite Flashbacks

Or, how to take a whodunnit and fill it with so many repetitious flashbacks that you don’t even know if you’re watching a show or if it’s an endless case of deja-vu.

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