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Jessica Jones

Netflix + Marvel = Binge-worthy gold.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m not exactly big on whatever we like to classify as nerd pop culture. I’ve never played a videogame (unless you count Tetris on my ancient Gameboy) and the last time I read a comic book was before the cold war ended – and even then my reading material mainly consisted of Mickey Mouse (or Archie at best). The only superhero movies I’ve actually watched are Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and I guess that says it all when it comes to my utter ignorance of the genre and the Marvel/DC extended cinematic universe.

Unless you count Jessica Jones, that is – which I honestly don’t. Superpowers aside, I enjoyed the Netflix show mostly because of the tone and actual storyline, and especially because a noir show about an alcoholic reluctant heroine and a villain who’s not twodimensional isn’t something you come by every day. The superpowers, in this case, were merely a plot device, almost an afterthought, certainly no more than a means to an end. And that’s as much as my tolerance level would allow.

Enter the most recent Netflix addition to its collection of Marvel shows: the Punisher.

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The Trouble with Binge-Watching

When Game of Thrones first came out back in 2010, it took all my willpower to refrain from watching each new episode. I’d learned my lesson over the years: the long wait, week after week, would be excruciating. Instead, I patiently waited for the season finale and then spent a long weekend devouring the entire first season.

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Binge-watching: Jessica Jones

If, like me, you’re no fan of the superhero genre, then this is definitely the show for you.

To clarify: I don’t read comic books, I’m not a sci-fi enthusiast and I haven’t watched any of the Avengers movies or the Daredevil series. I would categorize Nolan’s phenomenal Batman adaptations (the only Batman movies I have actually watched) as action-adventure-thrillers; the only reason I watched the first instalment of Iron Man was Robert Downey Jr, and when my godson wanted a birthday cake featuring the Incredible Hulk I had to look up a picture for reference. I’m so uninitiated in the superhero genre that David Carradine’s monologue on Kill Bill: Vol. 2 incredibly insightful.

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