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[rant] It’s been a long time coming: F*ck you, AMC.

It’s no secret I’ve been slowly but surely becoming more and more disappointed in the direction The Walking Dead has taken over the past couple of seasons. I’m not the only one, either: AMC’s flagship show has lost half its audience since the terrible season 6 finale, and it doesn’t look like it’s making a comeback any time soon.

Actually, that’s quite the understatement: after the way the show wrapped up its 8th half-season, I’m willing to bet that plenty of forgiving – up till now – fans won’t be returning in February. And I count myself among them.

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This is not pop-culture related, but this is as good an outlet as any for my frustrations – and, as you probably know by now, 140 characters aren’t nearly enough to vent my outrage on twitter.

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