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What makes a good finale?

As far as I’m concerned, there are 3 major categories of TV show finales:

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New Shows: The Grinder

John Stamos is not the only 80’s teen heartthrob making a comeback as the lead in a Fox half-hour comedy this year: Rob Lowe is joining him, as a TV star who just finished his final season as a kick-ass attorney in the titular show The Grinder.

In the pilot we see Dean Sanderson return to his family home in Idaho to ‘find himself’ after a successful 8 year run as a fictional lawyer. His actual lawyer brother Stewart isn’t exactly taking it very well, despite the rest of the family – including patriarch Dean Sr., also a lawyer – being completely enamored with him.

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New Shows: Grandfathered

Okay, so I’ll admit the main reason why I even gave this one a shot was John Stamos. Don’t judge me. It’s John Stamos, people. There’s a reason everyone still loves Full House, and it’s uncle Jesse.

Anyway, turns out it’s pretty solid for a sitcom. The pilot does a good job of setting the tone: Jimmy, a hot restaurateur, whose life is pretty much what every sworn bachelor dreams about, finds out that he has a son… who has a daughter. He’s gone from hotshot playboy to grandpa in 6 seconds flat. Naturally it’s a shock to his system and he doesn’t really take it very well. It doesn’t really help that his son Gerald is the exact opposite of Jimmy’s suave, cool persona.

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