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The Walking Dead

[rant] It’s been a long time coming: F*ck you, AMC.

It’s no secret I’ve been slowly but surely becoming more and more disappointed in the direction The Walking Dead has taken over the past couple of seasons. I’m not the only one, either: AMC’s flagship show has lost half its audience since the terrible season 6 finale, and it doesn’t look like it’s making a comeback any time soon.

Actually, that’s quite the understatement: after the way the show wrapped up its 8th half-season, I’m willing to bet that plenty of forgiving – up till now – fans won’t be returning in February. And I count myself among them.

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TWD: How it’s gotta be

Oh man. This mid-season finale was a classic case of the passable TWD episode with a couple of cool scenes and plenty of infuriating details that just make you want to punch the entire writer room in the face.
Where do I start? Let’s take it from the top, I guess.

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TWD: Time for After

Well that was disappointing. Just one episode to go until the break and we got exactly ONE good scene this week. And several that just made me cuss at my tv.

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TWD: The King, The Widow and Rick

Oh TWD, you can’t just capitalize on whatever momentum you had going, can you? Not that they’ve given us stellar episodes so far, but at least they’ve tried to show us some semblance of frenetic action a day and a half into All Out War. Maybe it’s just the reappearance of the awful trash people that tainted this entire episode for me, but I can’t say I was too impressed with this week’s offering.

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TWD: “The Big Scary U”

There’s only three more episodes to go in this half-season of TWD and I’m on the fence about The Big Scary U. While I enjoyed parts of the episode, there were scenes that I certainly didn’t care for, and the whole thing ended up feeling like an hour-long scottish shower, so let’s just break down the good, the bad and the ‘meh’:
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TWD: Some Guy

Call me crazy, but I actually really liked this episode. It was easy to follow, it featured character development as well as action, and the long shoot-outs were kept to a minimum. Plus, ninja Carol is always entertaining, as is Jerry and the Rick & Daryl roadshow.

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TWD: Monsters

I know I’ve been hard on TWD since the season premiere, but as much as I wish I could just revel in the fact that we’re finally getting some action, it’s still nowhere near as good as it could have been. As it SHOULD be. In fact, the only reason I’m not hating on the show entirely is because they kept us waiting for this exact plot line for over a season, and it’s almost rewarding, in a masochistic sense of the word, to finally see the two worlds colliding after all that build up. I just wish the pay off was better.

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TWD: The Damned

Okay. Look, I don’t actually enjoy coming down on this show, especially now that they’re finally picking up the pace and giving us action and zombies and all that good stuff we signed up for 101 episodes ago. But damn if they’re not making it too hard not to, even if these first couple of weeks have been a major improvement on the filler episodes we got last season.

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TWD: Mercy

Alright, so the TWD season premiere wasn’t half bad, after all. It wasn’t spectacular either, mostly because my suspension of disbelief sadly doesn’t extend to a willingness to gloss over things that doesn’t make sense.

(Also, because any TWD episode where the opening images involve Tara munching on twizzlers and wearing those ridiculous orange sunglasses isn’t a good sign.)

The season opener picks up a few days (weeks?) after we left things off in last year’s finale: Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom have come together to prepare for war against Negan and the Saviors, so naturally an inspirational speech is in order as they gear up for battle. And we got three!

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