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Top Chef

The Top Chef top10 celebrate Ten Years of TC (how’s that for a tongue twister?)

We’re down to the top 10 this week, and after a few weeks of “TC Roadshow” our chefs are headed back to Los Angeles to cook in the Top Chef kitchen once again. Everyone’s upset about Wesley’s elimination and Karen is over the moon about her win, but it’s a new day, which means new – harder – challenges are up ahead.

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Top Chef Ep.#6: San Diego, Beer and Bannannaise

This episode bored me and I didn’t even feel like recapping it, but my OCD won’t let me skip an episode. Neither the challenges nor the actual food prepared was actually exciting (to me), but let’s take it from the top.

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A Big Fat Gay Top Chef Wedding

Another week, another Top Chef adventure; this time the chefs are off to the ‘Date capital of the US’, where they pick up three large baskets of dates, each one containing a different variety (Zahidi, Medjool and Deglet Noor), and damned if I knew these existed. Dates are dates to me. Sticky, sweet, and that’s about it.

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Top Chef: Palm Springs, solar cooking, golf courses and overcooked corn

Another week, another location for the Top Chef contestants. This time¬†they’re off to cook in Palm Springs – or, as Jason puts it, the Gay Mecca: lots of gays, lots of old people, apparently. I’m really taking a liking to Jason – his discomfort at being surrounded by the macho-group of chefs in the hot tub was adorable.

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Top Chef – next stop: Santa Barbara

It’s only been a week since its L.A. premiere, and Top Chef is already packing up and traveling to the chefs’ next destination, Santa Barbara.

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Top Chef premiere part 2: Pop Up Pandemonium

Ah, Top Chef. You were off to such a good start during Part I, and then you had to go and do a pop up restaurant challenge right out of the gate? Will you never learn?

[yes, I realize talking to the show is slightly insane.]

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Top Chef: California

Top Chef is back, and with it, so is Grayson and the classic relay race Quickfire Challenge!

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