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#TWD S8: 3 months to go, first trailer just dropped!

As if the excitement of counting down the days hours until the next Game of Thrones episode wasn’t enough, The Walking Dead just released the extended trailer for season 8 at the SDCC.

At first glance, it looks pretty damn good, but at this point we’re like dogs at the dinner table, begging for whatever scraps those AMC folks will throw our way.

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#TWD: The First Day of The Rest of Your Life

What did we learn from The Walking Dead season 7 finale?

Well I, for one, am a sucker – for sentimental crap and small triumphs alike, so the finale hit most of those chords for me:
We got the “epic” battle we’d been anticipating all season long, the long awaited mauling of a couple of Saviors courtesy of Shiva the tiger, an emotional voice-over montage that would befit a series finale, a sad (albeit predictable) death with its requisite accompanying flashbacks, a death scare that (again, predictably) was a false alarm, a couple of Deus ex machina moments, and – most importantly – we finally got some plot development.

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TWD: Something They Need

Well, well, well… After the recent slump, TWD finally gave us an episode that had little to whine about, and plenty of moments that either satisfied hard-core fans, set up future plot points or just plain made us say hell yeah. As a bonus, they actually showed us three separate locations this week, which was so damn refreshing.

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TWD: The Other Side

Look, I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate some good ol’ character development on The Walking Dead. On a show that features so few scenes of characters actually opening up and talking about their feelings, a good heart-to-heart is always welcome, right?

Well, almost always. With a couple of episodes to go until the season finale, I would have preferred those honest, emotional moments to have taken place some other time. Like, you know, sometime during the slow, uneven first half of the season…?

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The Walking Dead: Bury Me Here

Ah, here we go again. You know you’re watching The Walking Dead when an episode manages to both infuriate you throughout its runtime AND placate you with its conclusion.

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TWD: Say Yes

Remember that underwhelming buddy comedy episode we got last season, when Rick and Daryl first came across Jesus? This week’s ‘Say Yes’ was the right way to do it, even if it was quite obviously intended as Richonne fan service. It was fun, touching at times and featured a few awesome walker kills (although it will be pretty damn impossible to top that walker clothesline from the mid-season premiere).

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TWD: Hostiles and Calamities

Well this was a semi-pleasant surprise. I must say, the idea of a Negan-and-mostly-Eugene stand alone episode didn’t excite me all that much on paper, but I feel like they actually pulled it off. Or maybe they just set a very low bar with the garbage people last week. Either way, I actually enjoyed this one, so here we go:

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The Walking Dead is back with a bang!

… and it’s a relief as much as it was a pleasant surprise. I must admit, I wasn’t growing antsy with anticipation during the break like I used to in previous seasons, because lately TWD has been mostly uneven and inconsistent.

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Train To Busan: best zombie movie ever?

I know I’m probably missing out on a lot of phenomenal films, but I usually steer clear of non-english-speaking films because I find subtitles too distracting and/or annoying. There are very few examples of Asian movies I’ve decided to bite and bullet and watch, such as the original Oldboy and Ringu, Battle Royal and Audition, all most of which I enjoyed (Audition was just too damn weird), but when everyone and their mother tout Train To Busan as the best zombie movie ever, I’m sure as hell not going to let a couple of lines of text get in the way of some good ol’ horror.

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