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White Collar

Binge watching: Graceland

After devouring all six seasons of White Collar, the next logical step would be for me to start binge-watching yet another Jeff Eastin show. According to the IMDb trivia for Graceland, he actually wrote it before White Collar, but decided not to pitch it to the network right away and wait until he felt they were ready for something ‘darker’.

If there’s one thing both shows have in common it’s that the viewer is constantly caught off guard: we hardly ever expect the frequent plot twists. Although admittedly much darker (and violent) than White Collar, both shows move in a similarly fast pace; there’s depth to the characters, each of them balancing between loyalty, work ethic, personal agendas and a multitude of secrets slowly revealed throughout the seasons.

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What makes a good finale?

As far as I’m concerned, there are 3 major categories of TV show finales:

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Binge Watching: White Collar

I have to admit that when I first read the IMDb review for White Collar, I was a little sceptical. White Collar crime brings to mind Bernie Madoff, obnoxious financier types in expensive suits and ponzi schemes, none of which I find particularly interesting.

Well, I was right about the nice suits.

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When The Blacklist premiered, I thought it had a pretty original premise. Had I known about White Collar before then, I’d be fairly certain it’s a bad copycat.

The idea behind both shows is the same: a criminal helps the FBI catch other criminals. It was done masterfully in movies before, but as a show dealing with a different case each week, it’s quite original.

There are plenty of parallels between the two: one protagonist is a shady criminal, the other strictly a white collar one. Both are helping FBI agents. Both agents are married, and their spouses aren’t just decorative on the shows. Both criminals’ personal lives become plot points.

I wish I’d discovered White Collar sooner, because so far I’m finding it quite enjoyable. Just a few days into my binge-watching of Season 1, it’s gripped my interest, I like the leads, and the cases they tackle are easy enough to follow without being too simplistic.

All in all, a pretty decent show. I’ll definitely keep watching =)


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