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November 2017

TWD: The King, The Widow and Rick

Oh TWD, you can’t just capitalize on whatever momentum you had going, can you? Not that they’ve given us stellar episodes so far, but at least they’ve tried to show us some semblance of frenetic action a day and a half into All Out War. Maybe it’s just the reappearance of the awful trash people that tainted this entire episode for me, but I can’t say I was too impressed with this week’s offering.

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TWD: “The Big Scary U”

There’s only three more episodes to go in this half-season of TWD and I’m on the fence about The Big Scary U. While I enjoyed parts of the episode, there were scenes that I certainly didn’t care for, and the whole thing ended up feeling like an hour-long scottish shower, so let’s just break down the good, the bad and the ‘meh’:
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TWD: Some Guy

Call me crazy, but I actually really liked this episode. It was easy to follow, it featured character development as well as action, and the long shoot-outs were kept to a minimum. Plus, ninja Carol is always entertaining, as is Jerry and the Rick & Daryl roadshow.

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TWD: Monsters

I know I’ve been hard on TWD since the season premiere, but as much as I wish I could just revel in the fact that we’re finally getting some action, it’s still nowhere near as good as it could have been. As it SHOULD be. In fact, the only reason I’m not hating on the show entirely is because they kept us waiting for this exact plot line for over a season, and it’s almost rewarding, in a masochistic sense of the word, to finally see the two worlds colliding after all that build up. I just wish the pay off was better.

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Binge-watching: Riverdale

It’s no secret I love me some teen drama, particularly the polished, stylized kind with a dark twist thrown in for good measure. On the surface, it didn’t seem that a show based on the Archie comics I used to read as a kid would fit the bill, but leave it to a creator whose experience ranges from teen show staples like Glee and Supergirl to full-blown horror flicks like Carrie or The Town That Dreaded Sundown to combine the small-town teenage life and mystery elements into a hit crime drama set in the town of Riverdale.

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Binge Watching: Mr. Mercedes

Having just finished reading Stephen King’s Hodges trilogy last summer, I was a bit ambivalent about watching the first season of the new TV show based on the book. After all, King hasn’t exactly had huge success when it comes to adapting his novels on screen, even when he’s actively involved in the project.

Still, after the great job Netflix recently did with Gerald’s Game, and given that the best movie adaptations of his work so far have been those that are low on the supernatural element (or lack it altogether), I figured Mr. Mercedes was a ‘safe’ enough choice that would actually be hard to screw up. After all, it’s basically just a crime drama/detective story featuring a psychotic villain and a retired cop, both of whom practically leap off the page. It seemed like a no-brainer in theory.

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