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A couple of short reviews & an update

Oh Netflix, why you gotta do me wrong?

I’ve humored you and your ‘recommendations’. Some were even semi-decent. But it seems like I’m on a losing streak lately, to the point where I’m so hesitant about starting a new show or movie, I figure I’d just re-watch a sure thing (Breaking Bad binge, anyone?).

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Weekend Roundup: TGIT recaps

Let’s just say that out of the three TGIT shows, Bones closely resembled the fake-turkey Brennan wanted to serve for Thanksgiving, Grey’s Anatomy was the staple heaping pile of stuffing everyone loves, and HTGAWM… well, it’s like that godawful yam/marshmallow casserole that I still can’t wrap my brain around why is has a place on the dinner table and isn’t served as dessert: some people seem to love it; I just have no appetite for the stuff.

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Okay, so I really shouldn’t have bothered with Eye Candy.

The premise sounded interesting in theory: a girl suspects her online date is a serial killer. Except said serial killer is actually narrating as he goes, discovers his date’s flaws and stabs her to death with a corkscrew. Really? Also, the protagonist apparently has the gift of connecting clues, which, combined with her hacking abilities, lead her to find missing persons. Sigh.

I shouldn’t have expected more from an MTV show, but only making it to the 8 minute mark before shutting it down must be some kind of record.

Verdict: Pass.

New Shows: Scream Queens

This doesn’t even need a preamble: this is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s a show about awful sorority girls and a group of misfits who pledge the elitist KKT, where a series of murders occur and the person responsible is wearing a red devil costume and prefers to text his victims about his intention to kill them.

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